Your Romantic Green Brain

 Your Romantic Green Brain

Last night my Green Brain husband and I were reminiscing about our romantic relationship. Jordan’s Blue Brain comment resonated with my Blue Heart when he said, “Our marriage is like creating a pearl. The layers of life build one upon the other… they are the layers of love!”

This morning, I had to be Green and contemplate what to write for this post. I was pleased when I remembered a remarkably romantic Brain Color conversation. It happened after I presented a What Color Is Your Brain Workshop to an Adult Learning Theory class at Roosevelt University, taught by friend, Holly Lampier. A delightful gentleman with a sparkle of recognition in his eyes shook my hand with both of his and said, “Thank you. I’ve been married for 30 years and now I finally understand my wife. I’m green and she is blue!”

To build “layers of love” with a Green Brainer, it’s important to understand what Brain Color attributes are attractive to them.

A Blue Brainer once confided in me that she was attracted to a Green Brainer. However, she could not figure out the attraction until I said, “You’re attracted to him because he is a fire fighter.”
“No he’s not, he’s a systems analyst.”
“Exactly! He’s always putting out fires,” I replied.
“I got it! But, if he’s not available or interested in me, I’ll really be blue,” she laughed.
Remember, it’s not easy for a Green Brainer to share or demonstrate their emotions. To enhance your Romantic Relationship with a Green Brainer think about what they find “love”ly about the other Brain Colors. 

1. Green Brainers who also value solitude.
2. Blue Brainers who are thoughtful.
3. Yellow Brainers who keep precise records.
4. Orange Brainers who seize opportunities.

Look for the Layers of Love in your Romantic Relationships and 
you’ll find the Pearl!

Sheila Glazov ~ Author ~ Speaker ~ Educator 

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