Your Green Brain on Vacation

I am fascinated by
 Greta Garbo’s
“Green Brain”
contemplative pose.

Is she thinking…
“I’m so misunderstood!”
“I never said,
‘I want to be alone.’
I only said,
‘I want to be left alone.’

There is all the difference.”

For most “Green Brainers”
there is no difference
in her quote, because the
optimum word is

My interpretation: 
Greta could have
been thinking… 

“How can I bear
another vacation or
family reunion with
all those people?

Family vacations or reunions can be uncomfortable for the “Greta Garbos” in our lives. They do not enjoy large social gatherings, especially if they do not know the other attendees. Even if they do know other family members or friends on a family vacation or reunion they often are bothersome because of  the other individual’s request or requirements for communal activities.

“Green Brainers”  are selective. They might have many acquaintances, but only a few friends; unlike the
 “Blue Brainers”  who thrive with copious friendships.

“Green Brainers” prefer to travel on their own or with a small group of individuals who share the same interest in what they are going to experience. They enjoy investigatory or educational tours of significant historic events, museums, and ruins of ancient civilizations or locations where they can acquire work-related information.

If “Green Brainers” are visiting a foreign country, they will learn to speak the language and study the guidebooks to become familiar with the culture and customs. They have a system for packing their suitcases and only pack the essentials.

“Green Brainers”  like to stay in accommodations that can give them the privacy and/or the technology they require or desire. They do their research and impart detailed facts and figures to their traveling companions about points of interest on their journey, which they have located and downloaded into their navigational global positioning system (GPS).

If you are traveling with a “Green Brainer” remember to give them time to themselves and be respectful of their privacy and/or desire not to participate with the “hoards of humanity.”

Who are the Green Brainers in your life?
What type of vacation do they enjoy?
What can you do help them enjoy your family reunion? 

Happy Travels!

Sheila N. Glazov ~ Author ~ Speaker ~ Educator ~ Personality Type Expert

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