Your Favorite Brain Color Candy

I was wondering if our Brain Color influences how we select our favorite candy?

The idea popped into my “Blue Brain” because I was thinking about my father, who was “Green Brain” mechanical engineer. His favorite candy was the Whitman’s Sampler. He really didn’t have sweet tooth for candy. However, when bought a box for my mother he always purchased a Whitman’s Sampler, because it had a “map” naming each type of chocolate in the box. 

That made perfect sense to a “Green Brainer” and was a smart thing to do! 

Do “Yellow Brainers” like a standard favorite like…
Marshall Field’s Frango Mints?

Do the “Blue Brainers” enjoy making their own… yummy home made fudge?

Do the “Orange Brainers” love eating Jelly Bellies because of the variety of colors and fun flavors? 

This is not scientific study, just a sweet one!

What is your favorite “Brain Color” Candy?

Sheila N. Glazov, Author, Personality Type Expert, Professional Speaker and Educator
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