Your Environment Tells A Lot About Your Personality! 


Do you ever noticed the background on ZoomTeamsSkype, and/or FaceTime calls? As a Blue Brainer the visual of an office or a room in someone’s home or office tells me a great deal about the individual.

Early Backgrounds

When we began using Zoom for our online meetings during Covid 19 people selected a variety of backgrounds for their call. Often people use a beach with palm trees or a screen with their logo. However, when you looked at the individual their head and body sometimes changed shape. I found that most distracting.

Today’s Background

Today, you see people’ kitchens, living rooms, hotel rooms, and/or their bedroom. Today people are not concerned about the lighting or the sound of their voice. Remembering those “donut” lamps that that were supposed to make you look better on screen and the special microphones that were supposed to make you sound more professional?

Gone By The Wayside

Today, those enhancements have gone by the wayside. People no longer use any enhancements on their online calls. However, you can decipher a person’s Brain Color by observing how they have decorated their environment.

Home or Office Brain Color Clues

Below are 4 Brain Color Clues to help you decipher an individual’s Brain Color personality by the decor of their office or home.

Home or Office Décor

  • A Yellow Brainer’s Decor: Awards, clean & organized                                        
  • A Blue Brainer’s Decor: Artwork, personal memorabilia
  • A Green Brainer’s Decor: Diplomas, books & latest technology
  • An Orange Brainer’s Decor: Sports equipment & stalagmites on the floor

Closing Thought

Next time you are on a virtual meeting call be sure to observe the environment and decor of their other person you are conversing. Your observation wil help you to determine their Brain Color and enjoy the conversation. Also be aware of your environment because your decor tells a lot about you!

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