Your Environment Can Affect Your Personality Negatively

Elven days ago the gauge on the pressure tank for our well pump malfunctioned!

At 8:00am I came downstairs and followed the strange noise to my laundry room.
There I discovered water pouring out of the hose to our washing machine, as if it were a fire hydrant.

My husband immediately turned the water in our home.

Then we discovered Niagara Falls gushing down into our “Garden Room” lower level walk out basement. We immediately began removing furniture and my husband  used the “shop vaccum” to mop up the wood floors and carpeting in the Garden Room, the unfinished basement, my office, the laundry room, and our kitchen.

Finally today, our finally home is free of noisy drying machines and drying floor mats that looked like Lego sets, that the SERVPRO team, who who highly professional, prompt and efficient, provided.

I was able to leave my desk in our bedroom and return to my office. However, my husband is still working at our dinning room.

This experience reminded me of how important it is to work and live in an ideal environment that suits your Brain Color personality.

A “Yellow Brainer” needs organization. The messiness in my home was driving me crazy.

A “Blue Brainer” needs peace and comfort. I was upset with all the damage to my comfortable and well maintained home.

A “Green Brainer” needs quiet. I annoyed by the constant loud humming of drying machines all over my home. We did turn off in the kitchen dyers when I was cooking and we were eating dinner.

An “Orange Brainer” needs freedom. I was restricted to specific areas of my home by the equipment and noise. I was resourceful and move my office to our bedroom and I learned to high step over the Lego sets as if I was practicing for a football game.


Next time your Brain Colors are “Shadowed” and you are not feeling like yourself, examine your environment to determine if your surroundings are affecting your feelings and behavior negatively!

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