Your “Brainbow” Personality

Your “Brainbow” Personality

Sir Isaac Newton  discovered that when a prism broke up light, it revealed a
continuous play of color—a rainbow. By definition, a rainbow is:
1.a spectrum of brilliant color, 
2.highly varied or multifaceted.
3.any multicolored arrangement or display.

You could select one or all of the definitions to describe your Brain Colors or “Brainbow.”

The structure and relationship between the colors in a rainbow  is not definitive.
The colors harmoniously blend one into the next, just as you will learn to blend your
Brain Colors to reduce conflict and increase harmony in your life.

Understanding Your “Brainbow” Colors

The Yellow Brain section is the temporal lobe. There is a temporal lobe on both sides of the brain. Notice that the Yellow section contains a right angle. Yellow Brainers need to be “right.” Rules are the foundation of a Yellow Brainer’s life. A traffic signal represents a Yellow Brainer’s “I like to be in control” attitude.

The Blue Brain circular section is the occipital lobe. It is located at the back of the brain and relates to the physical ability to see. It symbolizes insightfulness and the attribute to connect with others. A light bulb represents a Blue Brainer’s “I’ve got a great idea”

The Green Brain section, at the top of the brain, is the parietal lobe. It is a mini-computer that integrates information processing. Green Brainers are proficient problem solvers, avid readers, and adept with computers. A “do not disturb” sign represents a Green Brainer’s “I want to be alone to think” attitude.

The Orange Brain asymmetrical section is the frontal lobe that takes the longest to mature. Its shape represents the Orange Brainers’ fluid thoughts and actions. A juggler, keeping a variety of objects in the air, represents an Orange Brainer’s “I can do it all” attitude.

Remember you are a “Brainbow” Blending of our your Brain Colors!

Sheila Glazov ~ Author ~ Speaker ~ Educator

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  1. Carol Bates on April 2, 2008 at 12:20 am

    Sheila – I loved reading your blog – hope you keep it going. The Brainbow was especially fun and interesting.

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