“You Are A Perishable Item. Live Accordingly.”

I love my Blue Brain Inspirational “Daily Dose” quotes from Joe Fermano. I met Joe many years ago when he interviewed me on his How to Use Your Life Radio Show, a few months after What Color Is Your Brain?® was published. Joe is a Energetic Orange Brainer with a Generous Heart and Authentic Spirit

One of last week’s “Daily Dose” quotes was: “You are a perishable item. Live accordingly.”
I emailed Joe and asked him who the author was. He told me he has used the anonymous quote. I told him I loved it and asked his permission to use the quote in my blog and give him attribution.

You can read more of Joe’s quotes in his book, Quotes for Life & Words to Live By. I have a copy and I am sure you will enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine. 

Joe’s quote “You are a perishable item. Live accordingly” reminded me of the Are Your Self-Centered article in my January BrainBuzz Newsletter. Below is the thought-provoking article.

“You might be wondering why I asked you if you are self-centered. You might have thought: I am not egotistical, I am not a narcissist, It’s not all about me.

The thought came to me during my Yoga class at Silver Lotus Yoga. Chenoa, my instructor, and I were discussing the Yoga interpretation of self-centered, which is living a balanced life. Below are examples of how each Brain Color remains self-centered and lives a balanced life.

Yellow Brainers balance their lives by being “Rependable”: Responsible, Respectful, Accountable, and Dependable.

Blue Brainers balance their lives with loving and harmonious family relationships and friendships.

Green Brainers balance their lives with the  satisfaction of gaining and imparting knowledge.

Orange Brainers balance their lives with fun activities, hobbies, sports, and entertainment.”

If you are living a Balanced Life you are aware that “You are a perishable item.” and you “Live accordingly.”

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