Writing, Revising & Planning In Color Can Be Fun!

For the last weeks, my business focus has been the  Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift Teacher’s Activity Guide. I find it most helpful and encouraging to use my Brain Colors to write the manuscript. Below are the ways I have been stimulating and utilizing all my Brain Colors.

My Yellow Brain is organizing documents and worksheets in appropriately designated folders on my computer.

My Green Brain is developing  as sequential  system to put all the documents and worksheets in a logical order. Because of my dyslexia I am finding this process the most challenging.

My Blue Brain is re-designing and creating new worksheets and including many of the beautiful illustrations from Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift.

My Orange Brain is actually having fun re-reading my fairy tale, taking the Brain Color Quizzes, answering the questions, playing the matching games and filling in the blanks on some of the worksheets.

I am sure you could transfer and apply these ideas to any project you might have. You could substitute my writing project with your personal or professional plans, such as:  gardening, home cleaning, business goals, celebration events and/or vacations.

I trust you have found this information Helpful and Fun.

I’ve got to scoot and get back to my Brain Color writing process.

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