Writing A New “What Color Is Your Brain?” book for Health Care Professionals

Last  month, I cut up a damaged What Color Is Your Brain? book, printed out a huge collection of Brain Color documents, added copious post notes, and created a storyboard on my expanded dining room table.

This was the Blue Brain Visual, Orange Brain Hands-on, Green Brain Systematic Process I needed for my Yellow Brain to begin organizing copious documents for my new book…
What Color Is Your Brain? When Caring for Patients: An Easy Approach for Understanding Your Personality Type and Your Patient’s Perspective.

The reading audience for this book will be health care professionals and their team members and support staff who work with patients in a hospital, clinic, office, and/or home care environment.

The book will include two Brain Color Quizzes:

  1. A new Professional Brain Quiz in the front of the book
  2. A Personal Brain Quiz in the chapter about Relationship with Partners, Children, Family Members, and Friends.

This book will also include the fundamental What Color Is Your Brain? concept from my original book and NEW chapters about:

    • Bully Behavior in the Workplace
    • Excellent Patient Care and Customer Service
    • Relationships with Patients,
    • Relationships with Co-workers
    • Relationships with Management and Agencies
    • Relationship with Partners, Children, Family Members, and Friends.
    • Speak and Listen in Color
    • Decrease Stress and Increase Wellness
    • Effective Decision Making and Motivation


My publisher, SLACK, Inc. is eager to publish the new book; and I am very excited about writing the book! My Yellow Brain is diligently working to stay on track and complete this book as soon as possible.

To remain focus on my writing, my blog posts may not be often as my usual Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday schedule.

However, I will be posting about upcoming event: My weekly Author School Visits with Mrs. Newcomer’s 5th Grade Enrichment class, the April 3rd and 4th musical performances of The Invisible Visible Gift and JDRF South Jersey Chapter Diabetes Symposium on February 21st.

Thank you for your understanding!

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