Writing A Family Business Memoir!

My Orange Brain is excited to give you a clue to the title of my new family business memoir, which fits into the “Profiles in Business” bookstore category.
The clue is: No Bunk. In other words, No Nonsense.

This writing project is incorporating and utilizing all my Brain Colors:
My Yellow Brain Organizational skills to place all the documents in the “right” chapters.
My Blue Brain Creative skills to gather ideas for my backstory, chapters, table of contents, and front matter.
My Green Brain Research skills to find the appropriate information and people to enrich the book.
My Orange Brain Energizing skills to motivate myself to keep writing and share my story.

My book will benefit:
1. Small business owners and entrepreneurs, who have the drive to build their business and a desire to encourage and educate themselves and their employees toward successfully achieving their goals.

2. Corporate leaders and managers, who recognize the need for authentic leadership, sensible business practices, and collaborative attitudes to guide their team members.

3. Human Resource (HR) managers, who are interested in the welfare and continuing education of the individuals who work for their organization.

4. A general readership that enjoys reading memoirs and books that incorporate nostalgia and motivation.

This thought-provoking and heartfelt writing process has offered me challenges and celebrations. Now, I am eager to capture your curiosity! In the next few months, I will keep you posted on my “No Bunk” progress!


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  1. Jane Richards on May 8, 2018 at 6:51 am

    You’re on such a roll! Will I ever see you again?

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