Sheila Glazov's July Brain Buzz
       This month, while writing the newsletter, I realized that 
        life can often feel like jumping off a diving board:
       1. Challenging to keep your balance
       2. Filled with anticipation
       3. Exciting
       4. Scary 
constructive livingScrumptious Summer Camp Raspberry Pie
July brings to mind how much our sons loved spending so many memorable summers at Camp Shewahmegon on Lake Owen in Drummond Wisconsin. One of my favorite memories is visiting camp for Parents' Weekend and seeing how Joshua and Noah were thriving!  My husband and the other parents ate our lunches at the Black Bear Inn in Drummond.
Before the weekend we all called to reserve our favorite home-made pies. Ours was raspberry. When the owner said she was close or sell the restaurant, I was happy for her, but sad for us... no more raspberry pie. I asked her for the recipe, and she most generously shared it with me. I still have the old green "70190 guest check" on which she penciled the recipe. It is taped to the inside of one my kitchen cabinets. Whenever the "guest check' captures my attention or I'm making a pie, I smile with delicious summer camp memories.
My "Blue Brain" loves sharing our "Camp Raspberry Pie", which is a family favorite that consistently evokes "Oh's" and "Ah's" from everyone who savors this scrumptious desert!
Black Bear Raspberry Pie
3 to 4 Cups of Raspberries
Place 1 Cup of Sugar, 3/4 TBS Cornstarch and 1 Cup of Water in a sauce pan.
Boil until mixture looks glossy. 
Add 2 Heaping TBS of Raspberry Jell-O (1 small package) and mix well.
Let mixture set for 5 Minutes.
Gently mix with Raspberries and put into baked pie shell.
Chill until set.

I make a home-made crust and use the extra crust to create leaves or flowers for decoration.
This recipe also makes a yummy blueberry and 3 berry (blue, black and raspberry) pie.
Each Brain Colors will like baking this delicious recipe because it is: 
Yellow Brainers: Simple to prepare ahead of time 
Blue Brainers: A delicious desert to share with family and friends
Green Brainers: A time-tested proven winner
Orange Brainers: Quick and easy to make
out of tuneLife's Melody 
Our family was suddenly reminded that, "Life's melody is sadly out of tune when memories must live with us to soon." (Frances Woodworth Howells). On June 28th, we were shocked by the news that my husband's sister, Sandra Glazov Herbstman, suddenly passed away from a heart attack
It may seem strange to share about Sandy's passing, but my wise hospice counselor, John DeBerry, reminded me that people are not taught how to grieve. We only learn how to deal with grief when we are faced with a loved one's death or a tragedy. I realized that recognizing my family members' Brain Colors helped me appreciate how we all are dealing with our grief and comforting one another.
I trust that the following information will offer you encouragement and comfort when faced with an end of life experience.     
Yellow Brainers - Need to make a plan and/or be told all the details of any arrangements that are being made. Not being prepared compounds their stress and sadness. 
Blue Brainers
 - Want to take care of their family members and friends. They need to talk about their grief, share their feelings and cry.   

Green Brainers - Focus on what needs to be done and privately deal with their feelings at a later time. Not expressing their grief, does not mean they do not care. 
Orange Brainers
Stay in the moment and are resourceful in an emergency. They are able to offer humor, stories and  joyfulness to a sad situation.  
Our niece and her husband and our nephew and his wife were concerned about explaining "Grandma Bubble's" death to their children.
I ordered Leo Buscaglia's book, The Fall of Freddie the Leaf, to make their explanations and sense of loss easier to understand and accept. I have shared Freddie's story with many families. It is a beautifully written and illustrated book that gently explains life and death to children of all ages.
Sharing A Splendid Torch
constructive livingIn his eulogy, Rabbi Steve Lowenstein shared Nobel Prize Winner, George Bernard Shaw's quote about life that eased the sad melody in our hearts. His words made me think about Sandy and what a splendid torch of love, gentleness, humor, creativity and courage she was in all our lives. 
The quote also inspired me to visualize and think about how I want to  live my life. I hope the quote will inspire you, too.    

"Life is no brief candle to me.
It is a sort of splendid torch,
which I have got a hold of for the moment,
and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible 
before handing it on to future generations.
Are We Connected? lily tomlin 
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constructive livingGreat Gift! 
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I am delighted that my calendar is filling up with workshops and interviews for 2011.
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