June Brain Buzz From Sheila Glazov

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Get ready to dive into Summertime! 

Enjoy "The First Lady of Song" jazz vocalist Ella Fitzgerald's rendition of Summertime, which was recorded in 1958 at Chicago's famous Mr. Kelly's nightclub.  


My musical summer memories: Listening to Ms. Fitzgerald in concert at Ravinia in Highland Park, IL and in the piano bar at the Sheraton Post Hotel, in Cheery Hill, NJ, and enjoying fancy dates at Mr. Kelly's.  


   Enjoy Summer, Live Easy, Have Fun, & Laugh Often!

Princess Shayna Update 

Revisions for Princess Shayna's Invisible Visible Gift (the children's version of What Color Is Your Brain?) are still on schedule for publication in September 2011.Meevillain


Since I announced the 2nd edition of Princess Shayna's Invisible Visible Gift, I have received emails requesting a copy, and workshop attendees have signed up for information after my presentations. If you would like to be notified when Princess Shayna becomes avialble, please send your name and email address to snglazov@comcast.net.


Will Meevillain's sinister scheme succeed? Find out more in the next few months.


We all have encountered a Meevillain in our lives. They are individuals who are: only focused on themselves - "It's all about Me!", do Evil things to others, and become the Villain in another person's life or their own.



 I have received emails requesting a copy, and workshop attendees have signed up for information after my presentations. If you would like to be notified when Princess Shayna becomes avialble, please send your name and email address to snglazov@comcast.net.


What Color Glasses are you looking through? 

sun glasses

As I discussed in an earlier Brain Buzz, we all look through different colored glasses when we view ourselves and others. The following is an example of how Blue Brainers view themselves and other Brain Colors.


My blog is hosted with GoDaddy and I appreciate their excellent customer service. When I needed some assistance I was fortunate to connect with Sean Cramer, the Product Manager, Customer Marketing Solutions.


Our Blue Brains immediately understood each other and of course stayed in touch. Not long ago I received the following message from Sean "I've just recently moved job positions here at Go Daddy and am the Director of our Community and Online Support. Kinda matches my color (Blue)."

star treck


To build healthy, loving, and productive relationships, it is essential to learn how to appreciate our differences. Often our differences create actions or verbal responses that conflict with another Brain Color. Below are examples of how Blue Brainers view the 4 different Brain Colors positively and negatively:


Blue Brainers view Blue Brainers as: Creative, Nurturing, Compassionate, Harmonious, Trusting, Romantic, and Communicative. 


Blue Brainers view Yellow Brainers as: Structured, Neatnicks, Domineering, Uncompromising, Fighters for their point of view, Prepared, and Orderly.


Blue Brainers view Green Brainers as: Smart, Independent, Focused, Intimidating, Intense, Insensitive, and Uncommunicative.


Blue  Brainers view Orange Brainers as: Dynamic, Competitive, Carefree, Disorganized, Fun, Annoying, and Fly by the seat of their pants.


Cooper's Praiseworthy Gifts

Students' Praiseworthy Gifts
As the school year is ending, I would like to share an extraordinary school experience I had in Florida with my dearest friend and college roommate, Michelle Bracken. Michelle volunteers in a second grade class at an elementary school during the winter and had been teaching the students about their Brain Colors.

I had the privilege and pleasure to accompany Michelle to Mrs. Sands' class twice. During the first visit I explained the term, "Praiseworthy Gifts" from Princess Shayna to the class. We discussed the definition and significance of praise, worthy and gifts in the children's lives.

Before we left, Mrs. Sands showed the class a poster she had drawn of her Praiseworthy Gifts words encircling an image of herself. She told the class, "Next week, when Mrs. Bracken and Mrs. Glazov return, they will see our posters.

When Michelle and I returned we were welcomed by a "Praiseworthy Gift Gallery" on the wall across from Mrs. Sands' classroom. Each of the students had written their Praiseworthy Gifts words around their self-portrait. Some posters also included extra post notes with more Praiseworthy Gift words from their friends.
Praiseworthy Class Picture
The students loved making their posters and we loved viewing and reading each one.
The posters were remarkable, just like the children!

Valentine's Day in Brazil  

ValeI love you in Portuguesentine's Day in Brazil is not celebrated on February 14th, as it is in the US and other countries. The Brazilian celebration is known as Dia dos Namorados (Day of the Enamored) and is held on June 12th. Splendid parties, lots of music and delicious meals help couples celebrate their love for one another.  


For the many Brain Color fans who speak Portuguese, I hope you will enjoy the Romantic Brain Quiz on IG, the largest internet portal in Brazil.  


If you do not speak Portuguese, have some fun and take the Romantic Brain Quiz on my website.  

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Social Security Brain Colors

My publisher forwards messages to me when he receives emails from individuals who have read What Color Is Your Brain? and have a question about their Brain Colors or inquire about a workshop. Recently, I received an email from Lori Lancaster, the Assistant District Manager at the Social Security Administration in Portland, Maine.


Lori had searched the Social Security Library for some type of personality test books, was curious about my title, and requested that a copy be sent to her. I was pleasantly surprise to discover that the Social Security Administration has a Library for their staff.


Lori shared the Brain Color information from the book with her staff, but had some questions. When I called her to answer her questions we had delightful "Blue Brain" conversation. The following is Lori's reply to my "Thank You" message for taking the time to contact me:



"I am pleased to say it (WCIYB) has made a positive impact on our office. People who do not usually communicate with each other routinely are conversing quite regularly. I hear a lot of "Color" talk out on the floor. I am so happy I stumbled across your book. It has been a serendipity

moment for me. I have ordered the DVD and will be buying my own copy of your book."



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Happy Brainday, Sheila

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