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Get Ready, Set, Go...

This morning, I opened the windows in our home to let in the fresh spring breeze in after a long, snowy and cold Chicago winter.


What a perfect "Creative" metaphor. Unlock and open your Brain Colors to fresh ideas. Replace a stale and stuffy atmosphere for a nurturing with unrestricted environment where your thoughts and feelings can blossom!


Live Better - Work Smarter - Love More - Laugh Often

Princess Shayna's Invisible Visible Gift! 

I am thrilled to announce the publication of the 2nd edition of Princess Shayna's Invisible Visible Gift. This "Family Fairy Tale" is the children's version of What Color Is Your Brain?  


It was originally published in 1997 and has been read and enjoyed by children and adults around the

Princess Shayna & White Falcon

"This book needs to be in the hands of every legislator, educator, religious leader and parent in this country." CJ Gatten, ACSW, LCSW



I am delighted with all the positive responses and requests for copies, after the March announcement that Princess Shayna will be returning to children's book shelves in their homes and classrooms in September 2001.  


During Princess Shayna's Vision Quest, she travels with White Falcon to the Villages of the Yellow Sunflowers, Blue Forget-Me-Nots, Green Healing Herbs and Orange Tiger Lilies. In each village she shares her Invisible Visible Gift and helps the villagers recognize their Praiseworthy Gifts.


Next month, you will learn about Meevillain, who casts an ominous Cloud of Chaos over the Kingdom of Kindness, and Mennis and Meene, the Wicked Woodsmen, who plot with Meevillain to deceive the princess.


You will want to know if Princess Shayna completes her Vision Quest  

by the second day of the second month of the next New Year?

What Color Glasses are you looking through? 

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We all look through different colored glasses when we view ourselves and others. A perfect example was my mother, who I refer to as the "Queen of Yellow." In fact, she was "Rependable".   


Eric, a 5th grader, create that splendid word when his class was reading Princess Shayna. I worked with Eric's teacher and regularly visited his classroom while they were working on projects from the Gift Givers Guide at back of the book. 


One day, Eric told me, "Mrs. Glazov, I am Rependable, which means I am responsible, respectful, accountable and dependable." I told Eric that loved his word and would always acknowledge him when I used his word.


In addition to my mother's "Yellow Brain Rependable" attributes and abilities, my mother was extraordinarily prompt and, of course, expected others to be the same. She always set the timer on the kitchen stove 15-30 minutes ahead of time. I still use her simple technology as reminder not to be late for an appointment. Family members and visitors viewed my mother's reminder from their different Brain Color perspectives:


Yellow Brainers liked her "plan ahead" approach.

Blue Brainers appreciated her helpfulness.


Green Brainers valued her system.


Orange Brainers were annoyed by the time restraint, they are notorious for being late.    



To build healthy, loving, and productive relationships, it is essential to learn how to appreciate our differences. Often our differences create differences that conflict with another Brain Color. Below are examples of how Yellow Brainers view the 4 different Brain Colors positively and negatively:


Yellow Brainers view Yellow Brainers as: Predictable, Traditional, Organized, Realistic, Loyal, Decisive and Stable.  


Yellow Brainers view Blue Brainers as: Sensible, Intuitive, Genuine, Na├»ve, Too talkative, Overly sensitive and Team player.


Yellow Brainers view Green Brainers as: Smart, Problem solvers, Independent, Condescending, Withdrawn, Non-social and To the point


Yellow Brainers view Orange Brainers as: Opportunistic, Active, Fun, Impulsive, Impatient, Belligerent and Manipulative.


What's New? 
February, March, and April been have filled and focused on revisions for Princess Shayna. I am looking forward to the following What Color Is Your Brain? workshops in May: 3 Staff Development Workshops for employees at Taylorville Memorial Hospital, a Leadership Workshop at the National Lewis University McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership Connections Conference, and a Keynote Workshop for the Hadassah Great Plains Region Spring Conference.
Last week, I did take a break from my revisions for a one hour radio interview on RadioEarNetwork with Lisa Hein,host of Everyday Parenting. I was impressed with Lisa's "Yellow Brain" well prepared interview skills. She had read my book and studied Brain Color interview questions that I had sent her. Many radio hosts are "Orange Brainers" and prefer spontaneity. Lisa is also a speaker & author of I'm Doing The Best I Can! and a magazine & news contributing writer.
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Parenting in Portuguese  

I am fortunate that our Brazilian daughter-in-law, Kelly, and our son, Noah, were able to translate the  parenting article that recently appeared in Happy Woman Magazine Portuguese language publication. 


Because What Color Is Your Brain? is published in Portuguese, I have many fans in Brazil and Portugal.


A few months ago, I received a request from Carla Azevedo at Happy Woman Magazine. Carla asked if I would write an article to help parents recognize why their parenting stress and joy, or anxiety and comfort, is aggravated or enhanced by the unique relationship they have with their children.


The article focused on understanding how a child's and a parent's Brain Color attributes and abilities influence how they resolve conflicts, create more love with one another, and increase the harmony in their family life. I also developed a How Parents View Their Child's Brain Color Personality Type Quiz to accompany the artilce.  


The magazine is not online, however, if you would like a copy of the article, please email at snglazov@comcast.net. You might also find the Parenting Quiz on my website helpful.    

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