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Hurrah for Spring! Humans, animals and plants are waking from their unique forms of hibernation. The birds singing, trees, gardens and lawn are turning green, morning walks are outside instead of on the treadmill, closets and cupboards are getting organized and cleaned, family holidays were enjoyed, baseball season has begun, and April showers have brought bouquets of fragrant flowers!
Dive into Spring and...
Work Smarter - Live Better - Love More - Laugh Often!
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What's New?
Lately, when people ask me, "How are you?" I reply, "I'm rollerblading at high speed." Then I explain, it's a metaphor for my "Blue Brain" idea generation about the exciting new projects I plan on sharing with you in the near future. 
I am grateful and delighted that I continue to be blessed with opportunities to design and present WCIYB workshops (IRMS), give national radio and BlogTalk (WPRO) interviews and write magazine (TWIST) and online articles (jojasell).    
money piggy bankHow to handle your finance$ Brain Color Clues   
How individuals handle financial issues is often the number one reason for the success or failure of their personal and business relationships. How each Brain Color manages their finances can determine compatibility or conflict. In order to talk about your attitude toward money, you need to understand how your Brain Color influences your financial behavior.
"Yellow Brainers"
 save their money. They consistently make deposits in a savings account and budget how much they are going to spend on their financial needs or desires. Orange Brainers think Yellow Brainers are nuts for not spending their money while they can enjoy it.  

"Blue Brainers" share their money. They do not give a second thought to their finances. People, not pennies, are more important to them. They will hire or ask a Green Brainer to help them with their finances. They do not think about how much they are spending, just how much they enjoy buying something for a friend or loved one

"Green Brainers" develop a system for their money. They enjoy spreadsheets and accounting for all their expenditures. They become frustrated with the Blue Brainers when they have to explain their accounting practices, what a budget is, and why they need one.

"Orange Brainers" are spenders. They love to splurge, not a save. Their attitude drives Yellow Brainers crazy. The Yellow Brainers often irritate the Orange Brainers because they want to limit their spending and teach them how to be financially responsible.

Green Brainers and Yellow Brainers appreciate each other's financial attitude toward budgeting and saving money. Blue Brainers and Orange Brainers understand each other's financial attitude toward enjoying and spending their money.     
April Celebrations: Couple Appreciation, Customer Loyalty, Pharmacists War on Diabetes, Physical Wellness, Prevention of Animal Cruelty & Workplace Conflict Awareness Month
Birthdays, Anniversaries and Events:

April 1 - Sergei Rachmaninoff, Russian composer born 1873
April 2 - Hans Christian Andersen, Danish writer of fairy tales born 1805
April 3 - First Pony Express service began 1860
April 5 - Booker T. Washington, American educator born 1856
April 6 - Robert Peary, American explorer reached what he claimed to be the North Pole in1909
April 8 - Henry Aaron broke Babe Ruth's career major-league home run record 1974
April 9 - Sheila Newman and Jordan Glazov married 1967
April 12 - Yuri Gagarin, Soviet astronaut who became the first person to orbit the earth 1961
April 14 - Noah Webster copyrighted the first edition of his dictionary 1828
April 15 - Leonardo da Vinci, Italian painter, sculptor and scientist born 1452
             Ocean Liner Titanic struck an iceberg and sank 1912
April 16 - Wilbur Wright, American inventor of the airplane born 1867
April 21 - Friedrich Frobel, German founder of the kindergarten system, born 1782
              Charlotte Bronte, English novelist born 1816
              Queen Elizabeth II of Britain born 1926
April 22 - V. I. Lenin, first head of state of the former Soviet Union born 1870  
April 23 - William Shakespeare, English playwrite born 1564.
             Guglielmo Marconi, Italian inventor of wireless telegraphy born 1874
             The first public showing of a motion picture in New York City 1896 
             U.S.Library of Congress established 1800.
             San Francisco Conference to establish the United Nations began1945
April 27- Samuel F. B. Morse, American inventor of the telegraph born 1791
girl on diving boardOur Marriage Secrets! 
Tomorrow, April 9th, Jordan and I will celebrate our 43rd Wedding Anniversary. When we got married, we signed our Ketubah, a traditional Jewish Wedding contract. We made an agreement to share and encourage each other through life's joys and sorrows. What are the secrets and how did we make it work?
We've respected each other's individualism; forgiven the "whopper" mistakes we both have made; learned to accept one another's "crazy" idiosyncrasies; and had lots of fun together! 
    "The Most Important Thing In Life Is Holding On To Each Other!" 
is the sign over our bathroom sinks that reminds us to show each other how much we love, appreciate and cherish each other everyday!  
  Next Month's Brain Color Clues will help you deal with 
 "Cheers, Tears and Family Members!"
Please, contact me if you would like your next event, meeting, conference or interview to be remarkable, memorable, educational and fun!
I will be delighted to help you...
Work Smarter - Live Better - Love More - Laugh Often! 
Happy Brainday!
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