Sheila Glazov's February Brain Buzz

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It is the month of the Groundhog, Blizzard, Birthdays and Romance!


Our family and many others will never forget the Chicago Blizzard

of  2-2-2011! It was the day Punxsutawney Phil, the Groundhog, 

did not see his shadow, which signals that we are about to hopefully

jump into Spring 


There was more to celebrate because on this Groundhog Day; our  

youngest grandson celebrated his 2nd birthday and I celebrated my 66th!


The weather outside is frigid and we are eager to stay warm by...

Loving More, Stressing Less, Living Healthier & Laughing Often!

Brain Color Seeds of Success

seeds of successSeeds of colorful success are being planted everywhere. I was surprised to receive an email message from fellow speaker, Mark Sanders congratulating me on my story in Seeds Of Success, the online newsletter of Success Magazine. I had no idea about the article. However, I was relieved and happy to see that What Color Is Your Brain? was the lead article in the February 1st issue and that all the information was accurate.  

Sorry, their article link did not work. I will include the link in the March Brain Buzz.

I was thrilled to see the front page story in the February 8, 2011, Daily Herald Newspaper Neighborhood Section featuring the PSI (Problem Solving Investigation) students and teachers from Longfellow School in Bufffulo Grove and my What Color Is Your Brain? theory and book.


January was an In-service Workshop month. I enjoyed facilitating a WCIYB Workshop at the Woodridge Public Library. 50 staff members attended a organized and colorful event planned by the "Yellow Brain" Library Administrator, Susan McNeil-Marshall.
I returned to Mark Twain Elemetary school, which was one of the 9 Wheeling schools I visited to meet and share with the students PSI class presentations. 35 teachers attended the fun-filled and enlighting WCIYB Workshop that was created by the "Orange Brain" principal, José Celis.  

Surprise Gift from the Heart!

absolute wellness

Last December, after my chiropractic appointment at Absolute Wellness and Rehab with Dr. Randy Horning, his wife, Diane and I were chatting about our holiday gifts. I shared with her that we make a donation to the Community Crisis Center in Elgin Illinois instead of giving gifts to the adults in our family. Diane. I told her about the remarkable staff and what they offer the community. A few weeks later she asked me some more questions. I didn't think about it again until I received a postcard announcement in the mail last week that read:


"Help us help others in need with our Annual Charity Drive

for the Community Crisis Center in Elgin

February 14th - February 19th.

In exchange for one or more items listed in their

"Needs List" under the DONATION tab at 

we will give you an Adjustment at NO CHARGE!"


What a wonderful surprise! I called Diane to thank her and then called my friend Maureen Manning Rosenfeld at CCC to tell her about the surprise gift. She was overjoyed! Especially, during these cold winter months, it's critical to have a safe and warm shelter for families!

 Romantic Brain Color Video

soul mate hearts


Visit my YouTube channel to view the new 

Romantic Brain Color Video.


To create more harmony and love in your Romanic Relationship, it is essential to recognize and understand your personality and your partner's traits and talents, too.


Enjoy a Romantic Valentine's Day with you partner and make every day a Loving Brainday!

Mother'slittle girl eating soup Mushroom Barley Soup

Whenever my mother would prepare her healthy mushroom barely soup,

she would win people's hearts and warm their winter-chilled bones.


Her specialty was the anticipated centerpiece of her "soup parties". It also was my husband's favorite birthday gift that she would pack with dry ice and ship FedEx to our home when we lived in New Jersey and California.


I trust you will enjoy "Sylvia's Soup" as much as our family does! 


2 Lbs. of brisket or stir fry meat

Wash meat and place in soup pot. Bring meat to a slow boil. Remove meat and wash pot to remove scum. Return meat to pot and add the following:  

2 Marrow bones or 4 beef shank bones

4 Cups of mushroms - a variety of types creates more flavor

1 Lg. onion

2 Cups of carrots, cut into bite size pieces

2 Cups of celery stalks, including leaves cut into bite size pieces

1 Parsnip

1 Celery root or bottom of celery bunch (remove before serving)

1 Lg. handful of fresh parsley (remove before serving)

1/2 Sweet potato

1 Clove garlic (with toothpick to remove later) or 1/4 tsp. garlic powder

11/2 Cup barley (rinsed) 


Fill pot with water to cover the vegetables and meat. Cook slowly over low heart for several hours. The soup will thicken the longer it cooks, and you may need to add extra water. Season with salt and pepper to your taste. Refrigerate over night for the best taste and warm before serving.


"Mmm... mmm... good!"

Brain Color Workshop DVD


Don't forget... You can brighten your dull winter days at work, home or school with your own "What Color Is Your Brain?" Workshop DVD!

Viewyour Workshop DVD as an introduction to the "Brain Color"

concept or as refresher for a workshop you attended.


If you prefer to have me to facilitate your your next teambuilding workshop or conference or keynote in person, please contact me We can to discuss the "Yellow Brain" details to make your next event, meeting or interview remarkable, memorable, educational and fun!


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 The March  Brain Buzz will...
welcome spring

The privilage and opportunity to work the PSI students happened because Laura Newcomer has successfully Princess Shaynaincorporated Princess Shayna's Invisible Gift, which is the children's version of What Color Is Your Brain?, into her teaching curriculum since 1997. Laura had purchased Princess Shayna's Invisible Visible Gift at a WCIYB Teacher  In-service Workshop where I was the keynote speaker.


Laura and I reconnected on my Facebook Fan Page last September.

I was honored, surprised and thrilled to learn how Laura has been sharing my theory and books with her students and colleagues.


I would be delighted to hear from you, too. You can also connect with me on my Website, Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube sites.  


Happy Brainday!


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