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One of my 2010 Resolutions was to learn a new technology and utilize my "Green Brain" to create a monthly "Brain Buzz". I want to be respectful of your time and privacy, and trust you will enjoy this short newsletter, which will offer you Brain Color Clues to help you in your professional and personal life, and keep us connected.

Get ready to... Work Smarter - Live Better - Love More - Laugh Often!
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What's New!
My website has been redesigned. Please "Dive In" and take a look.  I'm sure you will enjoy the Brain Color Quiz section where you can select a Personal, Romantic, Workplace, Family & Friends, Child's or Holiday Quiz.
My Blog  also has a new look and posts to educate and entertain you. I'm enjoying my Social Media Lessons with consultant Jackie de Boer . Please, follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. I'm working on a Fan Page and will let you know when it is available.  
Brazil BookGrand News! The Portuguese translation of my book, Que Cor é o Seu Cérebro?, was published in Brazil by Editora Novo Conceito in October 2009.
The publication had nothing to do with the fact that our daughter-in-law is Brazilian. Just a splendid coincidence!
iG, the second largest internet portal in Brazil published a "Brain Color" article, a Parenting article and an interactive Brain Quiz on their site. My book was also reviewed on the radio station Mega Brasil.
The "Colour Theory May Help Parents to Understand Child Behaviour" article, based iG article, was published in the English version of the Russian Newspaper, PRAVDA.
Exiting News! What Color Is Your Brain?
 is in its 6th printing. Last year, sales were superb. I was thrilled to allocate more money to JDRF, in addition to the 10% from the royalties of book sales.
Book & Workshops 
My publisher, John Bond, at SLACK, Inc. was so pleased with book sales that he hired Lisa Schuble, owner of Champagne PR, to develop a new PR campaign. We have been most successful with radio, print and blog interviews, which have focused on Hassle-Free Holidays, Parenting, Travel, Finances, Romance, the Economy and General Brain Color information.
Last year, I was privileged to present workshops for professional associations, OSHA, libraries, school districts, villages, and businesses. I also added a "Color-filled" cooking combo workshop with Mary Rose Hoover, owner of Cucina Della Rosa Cooking School
, to my list of workshops. Mary Rose and I have created an engaging menu of activities to fit anyone's budget, taste and Brain Color palate.
hearts"Romantic" Brain Color Clues 

Do you ever feel that your "soul mate" has become a "cell mate"? Are you concerned that the spark that ignited your positive attraction might have fizzled into a negative reaction? 


A multitude of factors can agitate your personal security and relationships. However, understanding you Brain Color attitude and how it influences your romantic relationship will help you resolve personal conflicts and create more love and harmony in your life.


Often, we are romantically drawn to another person  because we admire their personality traits and talents that we do not have or that we would like to have more of. Try out my "AAA" solution to amorous dilemmas that can dampen the success of your romantic relationship: 1. Recognize what Attracted you to each other. 2. Understand why different idiosyncrasies have become an Annoyance. 3. Accept your loved one for who they are and what they value, even if their ideas differ from yours.


Make your Valentine's Day date and every day more romantic with the following Brain Color Clues:
"Yellow Brainers" value commitment, are naturally loyal and practical, emotionally must be in control, appreciate well-planned dates and sentimental Valentines.


"Blue Brainers" value compassion, are naturally affectionate and peaceful, emotionally need to feel appreciated, love romantic dates and passionate Valentines.


"Green Brainers" value calmness, are naturally reserved and private, emotionally like to be selective, like private dates and "no-frills" Valentines. 


"Orange Brainers" value adventure, are naturally spontaneous and playful, emotionally want to be unihibited, enjoy fun-filled dates and humorous Valentines.  


Green Brainers and Yellow Brainers appreciate each other's reserved and practical approach to romance, while Blue Brainers and Orange Brainers understand their communicative and playful attitude about love.

February Celebrations 
February is Relationship Wellness, Boost Self-Esteem, Black History & Library Lover's Month! 
Feb. 2nd - Sheila's 65th & her grandson Jonah's 1st birthday 
Feb. 2nd - Groundhog Day
Feb. 6th - George Herman "Babe" Ruth born 1895
Feb. 7th - Charles John Huffam Dickens born 1812
Feb.12th - President Abraham Lincoln & Charles Darwin born 1809
Feb.11th - Tom Edison born 1847 
Feb.14th - Valentines Day
Approximately one billion Valentine's Day cards are sold in the US every year.The expression "wearing your heart on your sleeve" comes from a Valentine's Day party tradition. Young women would write their names on slips of paper to be drawn by young men. A man would then wear a woman's name on his sleeve to claim her as his valentine.
Feb. 15th - Susan B. Anthony born 1820
Feb. 22nd - President George Washington born 1732
 Next Month's Brain Buzz will include Clues
 to help each Brain Color deal with STRESS!
Please, contact me if you would like your next event, meeting, conference or interview to be remarkable, memorable, educational and fun!
I will be delighted to help you...
Work Smarter - Live Better - Love More - Laugh Often! 
Happy Brainday!
Sheila Glazov