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 Happy New Year! 
  Did you make some New Year Resolutions?


  If you did, I trust this month's Brain Buzz will help your keep them.  


  3 Cheers for  2011...


 Work Smarter - Live Better - Love More - Laugh Often!

Storyboard Your 2011 Goals

walt disney storyboard

Walt Disney - 1947


In 1993 while taking a Creative Leadership course at Disney University, the precursor to Disney Institute, I learned that Walt Disney created the term "storyboard".

As Mr. Disney was walking through the Disney illustrators studio, he asked one of the illustrators how his project was progressing and if he could see the animation cells. However, the cells were all stacked on the floor in a pile and it was difficult for Mr. Disney to see the artwork. He asked the illustrator to put the cells on the wall, but that didn't work because they were stationary. 

Then Mr. Disney suggested a solution: pinning the animation cells on boards so they could be moved. Viola... Storyboards!
To achieve my 2011 goals I created a "Blue Brainstorming" Storyboard. I began with one of my 4' x 4' foam insulation boards, which is covered in dark blue fabric and is a perfect background for all the 3" x 5" index cards when I facilitate my Visual Impact Planning sessions for clients.


It is easy and inexpensive to create your own storyboards. In a recent email, Deb Gauldin my Blue/Orange friend and fellow speaker told me: "After we last spoke, I created a quite colorful organizational planner. It has 4 columns across the top for weekly commitments." 


Begin by purchasing a 1" x 4' x 8' insulation foam board at a home improvement store. Be sure to have it cut in half at the store. 

You won't have to cover the board unless the printing on the board disturbs you. However, it shouldn't for long because the copious

ideas you have written on the index cards will cover the boards. 


Next, purchase a box of 100 5/8" steel head push pins.They will not make permanent holes in the seal that covers the insulation board. I've had my boards for 20 years and they are still in perfect condition. 


Now, you are ready for "Mess Finding", a creativity term which encourages awareness and examination of challenges using the Osborne-Parnes Creative Problem Solving Process.

The following steps will help you begin your Storyboarding/Brainstorming session:

1. Write 1 idea per index card

2. Do not judge or discount any ideas

3. "Repeat Ideas" are good and represent a focus or special interest

4. Create "Headers" for your ideas when you see a pattern in your cards

5. Organize your ideas cards under the appropriate "Headers".


Storyboarding utilizes all the Brain Colors for: 

Yellow Brain Organized planning, Blue Brain Creative Imagery,

Green Brain Logical Systemization and Orange Brain Resourceful Enthusiasm for your ideas.

It's like Disney magic...A practical framework quickly and easily appears to achieve your goals!

Decision Making & Motivation
When making decisions to achieve their goals or keeping New Year resolutions each Brain Color is motivated differently. 
Yellow Brainer Motivators

Completing a to-do list


Symbolic recognition


Blue Brainer Motivators

Others listening to and valuing their ideas

Opportunities to share their feelings

Creative opportunities


Green Brainer Motivators

Problem-solving opportunities

Creating a system or procedure

Recognition of their solution(s)


Orange Brainer Motivators

Thrill of a new challenge

Rapid results     



Understanding the differences that motivates each Brain Color will help you achieve your goals and make effective decisions in your professional and personal life for 2011!

route 66New Year Affirmation 
Last year, I chose "Thriving" as my daily affirmation that appears on my calendar each morning. I learned this affirming and motivating "theme" idea from fellow speaker and author, Barbara Glanz

When people ask me how I am, I reply, "Thank you for asking, I'm thriving".

The definition of thriving is: 1. To make steady progress; prosper.
2. To grow vigorously; flourish; and I am grateful that I have been "Thriving" personally and professionally!

This year I have chosen "Kicks on Route 66" as my affirmation. The slang definition of "Kicks" is:
A sudden, striking surprise; a twist. Next month, I will become 66 years of age and my Orange Brain loves surprises. I'm looking forward to the twists and "Kicks" on Route 66, which I trust will be rewarding, energizing and exciting.

Do you have an affirmation that will encourage you on the route you're traveling for the New Year? 

If you already have an affirmation or plan on choosing one and would like to share it with me, I'd be honored. Please, send your brief affirmation and Brain Color to me at 

Brain Color Investigation 

In the November Brain Buzz, I
Longfellow Brain Color

            Longfellow Students' Brain Color Name Tags

wrote about my visit to Mark Twain ElementarySchool Problem Problem Solving Investigation (PSI) class.

Since then I was honored to visit the PSI classes at Longfellow, Robert Frost and Tarkington Elementary Schools in Wheeling, Illinois. 

At each school the students, in this exceptional gifted student program, shared in-depth research about their personalities and their learning styles while investigating their Brain Colors.

The students' assignment was to make recommendations to their principal and their teacher regarding the best ways to educate the students in their school.The students' knowledgeable and creative presentations were remarkable and impressed their teachers,  principals and me. I'm confident that their Brain Color discoveries will influence future decisions about how to educate student at their schools.  

Courtney L., a "Blue/Orange Brain Color Representative" from Longfellow School summarized the students' research perfectly.

"Your Brain Colors" are the way you think, not the actual color of your brain. They are different ways of thinking:

If you like to be organized, sensible, and prompt, you would most likely be a Yellow Brain.

If you like to learn, be logical and problem solve, you are most likely a Green Brain.

If you are considerate, share your feelings and affection, you are most likely a Blue Brain

If you are spunky, spontaneous and fun loving, you are most likely an Orange Brain.

We use all our Brain Colors at different times in different situations, but you tend to use some more than others. You can figure out your Brain Color by thinking about how you act and learn.

What we would recommend to the teachers is that each student has the opportunity to figure out their Brain Color so that they can understand how they think and how they learn. It will help them to get along with their classmates, friends, and family. It will also help students be accepting of others that think differently than themselves."* 


I am delighted that I am going to have more opportunities to continue working with the teachers and students including workshops, research projects and an author in residence program. I loved the precious hand written student "Thank You" notes I received and the beautiful hand made four color scarf that Laura Newcomer made for me. I am most grateful to Laura for purchasing Princess Shayna's Invisible Visible Gift in 1998, when I was the keynote speaker at a Northwest Suburban Special Education conference. Recently, she purchased What Color Is Your Brain? and offered the eight other Wheeling Elementary School Learning Coaches the idea of utilizing the Brain Color Approach for the students' PSI classes.

*I believe we all can appreciate the simple, but significant lessons from the PSI investigations to improve our relationships in the workplace and at home and with adults and children in our lives!  

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