More about the WOW meeting I attended Wednesday night with my friend, Sandy.

The Careerpartners3 facilitators and founders of the WOW group: Women on Work and  facilitators are Joy Maguire-Dooley, Sally Morrison and Teri Clancy. The three women proudly say that they “live our mission by offering career coaching, career and job search workshops and motivational public speaking. WOW- what a “Blue Brain” mission statement!

Career Partners3 also recently launched their new book, A Taste for Work, on October 7, 2009 at their monthly WOW meeting. A Taste for Work combines two of life’s most basic elements-work and food and is a  best practices job search book that also talks about life, family, and food.

The speaker for Wednesday night’s meeting was Luisa Buehler from The Hire Solutions Employment Corporation presented a program call “The Generation Gap: Whose Rules Rule?” Luisa discussed some of the following: There seems to be new rules in the workplace. What are they? Do you fit in the workplace when you are past a certain age?

One of the break-out sessions: What’s with all the “Green Brain” Twittering? was facilitated by Wendy McCormick, a speaker, career coach and author, who is a job search expert. 

I also learned that individuals born before the Boomers in 1946 are not  “War Babies” Generation, we are now referred to as “Traditionalists” Generation.

I enjoyed the energizing evening with my friend Sandy,
learning helpful and insightful information, and
meeting so many dynamic WOW women!

Sheila N. Glazov, Author, Personality Type Expert, Professional Speaker and Educator
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