World Series Championship “Teamwork” Lessons from the Chicago Cubs!

2016 Chicago Cubs team photo108 years of waiting and wondering when our Chicago Cubs would win the World Series of Baseball ended last night with an 8 to 7 victory in the 10 inning! "Go Cubs!"

When the players, coaches, and executives were interviewed, they all spoke of their feelings of being overwhelmed with "amazing" joy and excitement. What I specifically noticed was everyone's gratitude for the "teamwork" throughout the season that won the game and the 2016 World Series.

Below are the Brain Color Attributes and Attributes of the player, coaches, executives, and fans that contributes to the thrilling and long-awaited 2016 World Series Championship!

  • Yellow Brain Planning and Organizations Skills of the front office executives and owner and the Loyalty of the fans!
  • Blue Brain Cooperation and Encouragement of the players for one another!"
  • Green Brain Strategy and Calm Composure of Joe Madden, the manager, and his splendid coaching staff!
  • Orange Brain Energy, Excitement, and Camaraderie of the faithful fans!



If you practice the previous basic World Series Championship "Teamwork" Lessons from the Chicago Cubs, you and your team should also feel like champions!





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