Word Wednesday – Megillah

Sheila, dressed as Queen Esther and winning 1st place during the Purim Party at West Suburban Temple, in 1953.

Word Wednesday

• “Megillah” is my word for WordWednesday.


• Noun: Scroll, volume, long story, referenced in the Book of Esther, which is read aloud at the festive Jewish holiday of Purim.
• Slang: An elaborate, complicated production or sequence of events.


• Pronunciation – Mĕgillāh/ muh-GHIL-uh


•  Last week, we celebrated joyful holiday of Purim when the “Megillah” is read!

Closing Thought

• Purim a remembrance a tyrant who attempted to slander and slaughter the Jewish community. The holiday is celebrated by having parties and dressing up in costumes to celebrate the victory of the Jewish people over a  powerful bully who attempted to kill them.

Purim commemorates a time in the 5th century BCE when the Jewish people who were living in Persia and were saved from extermination by the courage of a young Jewish woman, Queen Esther, who was the kings favorite wife.


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