Woman Exhausts Her Brain Colors!

I haven’t blogged since November 19th and I planned on metaphorically buckling up my roller blades zooming back into my normal routine, today. However, I discovered that all of my Brain Colors and my body (I keep forgetting that I am not 30 years old) are exhausted from the abundant blessings and  joyfulness I experienced in the past few weeks.

My Yellow Brain is exhausted from making lists and meeting celebration and business deadlines.

My Blue Brain is exhausted from cooking and hosting birthday parties and our Thanksgiving Day feast.

My Green Brain is exhausted from thinking, thinking , thinking!

My Orange Brain is exhausted from all the fun I shared with my family members and friends.

I am going to listen to my own advice and make a “healthy decision” to regain my energy. I am going to close my computer, have a cup of tea and relax in my chaise lounge chair and read a good book!

What do you do to relax when your Brain Colors and/or body are exhausted?

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  1. penelope steiner on November 29, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    Can totally relate; “give a busy person something to do, etc”. Felt “posting” the only relaxing moment> You were missed, colorful “brain”!

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