Will You Sleep Well Tonight Knowing You Have Done Your Best Today?

Today, I wrote my publisher and told him I had completed all 19 Chapters and 3 Chapter Summary Charts, for Section I: Brain Color Concepts, Section II: Professional Brain Color Connections, and Section III Brain Color Communications, for my new book, What Color Is Your Brain? When Caring for Patients: An Easy Approach for Understanding Your Personality Type and Your Patient’s Perspective!

My Yellow Brain made a new check list to make sure I stay on schedule and contact the health care professionals who have agreed to contribute their Brain Color anecdotal stories for specific chapters. I also have tweak the front material, which consist of: Author Introduction, Dedication, Acknowledgements and revise An Interview With The Author and About The Author Section, which are 95% completed.

My Blue Brain is eager to proceed with the creative revision process. I have always enjoyed revisions. I like to revisit my work and look at the content and format from a new perspective. I am eager to write the dedication to my Uncle Louis B. Newman who was a pioneer and one of the “Founding Father” of Physical Medicine and my father who was a mechanical engineer and an inventor of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment. Both men made remarkable contributions to health care.

My Green Brain is exhausted from making sure each Chapter Summary sequentially matched the content of the chapters in each Brain Color Section. Arranging ideas in a Green Brain sequential order always challenges my dyslexia.

My Orange Brain is excited that 90% of the manuscript is completed. My publisher and I are eager to move on to the next step, when the manuscript is complete and I can send it to the managing editor for peer reviews.

The following poem, which was written by F. Collis Wildman and in one of my favorite poetry collections, resonated with me today:

Live your life so that at any hour you will be able to shake hands with yourself and try to accomplish at least one thing worth while each day. Then when your nights come, you will be able to pull up the covers and say to yourself, “I have done my best!”

I will sleep well tonight knowing I have done my best today.

Have you done your best today?

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