Why Does Your Brain Color Personality Influence How You Vote?

Today, is the long awaited Election Day in the United States. My husband and I were Yellow Brain Voters and promptly cast our ballot early, two weeks ago when our township office opened their voting facility.

I think that our Brain Color Personalities affect our voting and the article in the  2008 -Psychology  Today magazine confirmed my theory.

Below are the Brain Colors Personality Voting Characteristics:

Yellow Brain Voters are traditional voters. They follow the party lines their family has always voted. They look at the candidates and issues as either being “Right” or “Wrong”. They will take a list of who and what they are voting for when they go to the polling place.

Blue Brain Voters are emotional voters. They openly discuss the issues and candidates with family members and friends. They vote because they passionately support a candidate, a plank in the party’s platform, or a personal concern that affects them and the ones they love.   

Green Brain Voters are factual voters. They read, research, and study all the issues and the candidates’ qualifications. They vote for the  facts, not with their feelings. They do not discuss their politics views with other people. They consider that privilege a private matter.  

Orange Brain Voters are last minute voters. The have been too busy and/or do not want to take the time to read and learn about the candidates and issues. If they remember to vote, they show up a few minutes before their local polling place closes to cast their vote. 

Most voters will be  a blending  or “Brainbow Voter” depending on their Color Brain Voter Personality.

Please, remember it is a privilege to vote. Go Vote!

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