Why do you need to send people “Gentle Reminders” to reply?

Today, my Yellow Brain had to send “Gentle Reminder” messages to 13 of the 28 health care professionals who contributed anecdotal stories for What Color Is Your Brain?® When Caring for Patients: A Fun and Fascinating Approach to Understanding Yourself and Other Health Care Professionals. My editor had requested that all the consent forms had to be signed and returned before Thanksgiving. Of course, my Yellow Brain Panned Ahead and sent the requests out to everyone on November 6th letting the contributors know the deadline was November 2st.

We all have experienced times when we have had to ask people to reply. Years ago, people were taught to send written reply and thank you notes and promptly reply to weddings, graduations, baptisms, birthday and anniversary parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, bridal and baby showers, and dinner parties. However, the world has changed and it has become more casual and people often reply by email or a phone call.  Sadly, people do not reply at all. Yikes, a faux pas from my generational perspective!

When we lived in California in the 1980’s. I was surprise when I invited a couple to a dinner party we were hosting.  One woman’s reply was, “Thank you. How about a DEFINITE MAYBE!” I asked her for an explanation. I do not remember her ridiculous reply. However, I still remember being dumb-founded!

When I sent my “Gentle Reminder” message I added the “read” option to my email. My Green Brain wanted to know that the recipients had received and read my message. It was fascinating to see how each Brain Color replied to my “Gentle Reminder”:

The Yellow Brainers: Replied promptly and politely and I filed their consent forms.

The Blue Brainers: Felt badly and apologized about not replying sooner. I did not receive their form because they probably got distracted and will need another reminder.

The Green Brainers: Read the emails but did not reply. They were too focused on other tasks and will need another reminder.

The Orange Brainers: Did not read or reply. I will definitely have to send them several reminders. 

These responses do not demonstrate people’s lack of interest or concern. They just demonstrate how the different Brain Colors may reply to requests. Now that the holiday season is about to begin, I hope the Brain Color “Gentle Reminder” Clues will help you understand why and how people reply to request and respond for holiday events.

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