When life is challenging, should you remain where you were originally planted or move and be transplanted?

Last year my Blue Gardner’s Brain transplanted over 100 iris bulbs. I had decided to remove the garden in which they were planted. My Green Brain was exhausted from trying different remedies to keep the deer from eating the other perennial  flowers in the garden, even the ones that were supposedly, “Deer Resistant.” The trees that surrounded the garden had also grown to be so large that there was not enough sunshine for them to thrive and multiply.

I moved the irises to 3 different gardens around our home. It was a huge undertaking, but my Yellow Brain knew I had to be responsible and transplant them to a new and ideal environment. When Spring finally arrived in Chicago, I fed the irises and hoped they would bloom where they had been transplanted. I really did not expect them to blossom during their first year in their new homes.

Wow, was my Orange Brain delighted and surprised! The irises blossomed more profusely than they had in years!

Our family has moved many times in 48 years. I always looked at the change, the moving, and the transplanting experience as a Orange Grand Adventure. Mother Nature’s metaphorical reminder was profound. Many people think and/or feel that moving and being transplanted is a tremendous challenging. For some individuals it take a copious amount of Yellow Brain Planning, Green Research, Blue Motivation, and Orange Courage to move and be transplanted because of changes that affects our personal or professional lives.

Purple iris in vase #2
When life challenges us,

it is significant and valuable to remember
that we can bloom more beautifully and
our lives can blossom more profusely
when we  move and are transplanted,

than if we remain where we
were originally planted!


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