What Personality Types Loves Their Job?

People often declare how much they love their partners, children, parents, family members, vacations, books, hobbies, sports, and many other activities.

But how often do you hear people proclaim how much they love their job?

The following anecdote is from my family business memoir, No Bunk Just BS (Business Sense) Timely and Timeless Truths Business School Cannot Teach You!, in Chapter 3 – Employee and Teamwork Truths #4 – Employees Can Fall in Love with Their Jobs

You Say You Love Me (by Vera Hartke, a Lab-Line employee)

You say you love me but sometimes you don’t show it. In the beginning you could not do enough for me. Now you seem to take me for granted. Some days I wonder if I mean anything at all to you.

Maybe when I’m gone, you’ll appreciate me and all the things I do for you.  I’m responsible for getting the food on your table, for your clean shirt, for the welfare of your children…a thousand and one things you want and need.

Why if it were not for me you wouldn’t even have a car. I’ve kept quiet and waited to see how long it would take for you to realize how much you really need me.

Cherish me… take good care of me… and I will continue to take good care of you!

Who am I? I am your job!

Below are examples of each Brain Color Personality Type and why they love their job:

Yellow Brainers love their job because they feel a strong sense of commitment and stability.

Blue Brainers love their job because they enjoy being creative and interacting with their colleagues and/or clients.

Green Brainers love their job because they have the ability to solve problems and work independently.

Orange Brainers love their job because they have the freedom to be their own boss and obtain results quickly without complications.

Think about why you love your job?


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