What Do Music, Mothers, and Meows All Have In Common?

Do you listen to music during you daily activities? I do! Listening to Lily Miceli’s remarkable musical radio show InBetween the Music is one of my favorites!! I love listening to Lily’s soothing and welcoming voice that will engage and entertain you with her diverse selection of music, songs, poetry, movies, and literary readings.

I am catching up on Lily’s programs and have included Music and Mothers and Music and Cats in this post. You can  Click on the InBetween the Music Link  in the IBM Show Archive on the left hand side of the page to listen these to these two programs and all of the other previous musical programs Lily has expertly produced.

Listening to these programs was a “Blue Brain Love Gift” from Lily, because I love music and l loved my mother, my mother-in-law and my cats! I hope all your Brain Colors will enjoy learning and listening to these marvelous musical program

Yellow Brainers will appreciate the history Lily includes in her programs about the mothers and cats and the roles they play in our lives.

Blue Brainers will enjoy the copious and fascinating facts and personal stories about maternal love and our love for our furry feline family members.

Green Brainers will enjoy the in-depth research about the mothers and felines

Orange Brainers will enjoy the entertaining, engaging, and variety of music.

What Music, Mothers and Meows all have in common is… entertainment and education that will touch your heart and offer you a pleasant perspective about music, mothers and meows! Enjoy

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