What Color Is Your “Tween/Teen” Brain? Workshop at the South Jersey JDRF TYPEONE NATION Educational Summit

My Orange Brain is so excited about facilitating my “What Color Is Your “Tween/Teen” Brain? Workshop for children with Type 1 Diabetes/T1D (ages 11-15) and their siblings and friends at the South Jersey JDRF’s 2nd Annual Educational Symposium, on this coming Saturday, March 7th.

Last year, I was honored to be the Keynote Speaker and facilitate a Brain Color Interactive Group break-out session. This year I asked Barb Garrison, who is the JDRF Outreach Director, if I could facilitate an all day for the “Tweens/Teens” to help them discover their Brain Colors Personalities, Attributes and Abilities, and Praiseworthy Gifts. I was thrilled when she said “Yes!” I am delighted the “Tweens/Teens” and I will be spending the entire conference, from 9:15am until 2:30pm, together! My Green Brain is eager to teach the “Tweens/Teens” and watch them learn and teach one another! At the end of the day they will have Brain Color skills and tools to enhance their lives and improve their diabetes management!

My Blue Brain has spent several weeks creating a Yellow Detailed 12-page workbook, which includes:
1. A “Tween/Tween” Brain Color Quiz
2. The 4 Brain Color Quadrants to help the “Tweens/Teens” discover their attributes and abilities
3. The Brain Color Foundation Concepts
4. Statistics about Parents’ Yellow, Blue, Green, and Orange Brain Colors
5. Bright and Shadow/”Wet Shadow” Behavior
6. Princess Shayna’s Recipe for Healthy Self-Esteem
7. “Inside My Shirt is One …” Activity
8. My Praiseworthy Gifts and Purr-fect Pals Activities
9. Brain Color Group Activity – Questions about:
a. Living with T1D and how it affects family members
b. Lessons learned from dealing positively with diabetes
c. One word to describe T1D
9. Brain Color Group Activity – “Creating a Brain Color Resort where you would like to enjoy a vacation”
10. 13 Yoga Poses that we will enjoy during the workshop
11. 10 Clues for Sincere Listening and Clear Brain Color Communication
12. Poetry:Wet Paint, I Know Something Good About You, Be the Best of Whatever You Are, and Give Your Best
Fun debriefing questions
14. “The Jumper: Joshua Glazov” – “The Adventures of People with Diabetes” from the October 2014 issue of Diabetes ForecastThe Healthy Living Magazine. A remarkable story about our son (who has had T1D for 29  years),  which I am confident will inspire the “Tweens/Teens”!

I have a full and fun day planned, including special Orange Brain treats and gifts for all the “Tweens/Teens”!

Below are all the Yellow Details about the 2015 TypeOneNation Summit JDRF’s 2nd Annual Educational Symposium:
Date: Saturday, March 7, 2015
Time: 8:30am – 2:30pm
Location: The Enterprise Center at Burlington County College
Mount Laurel, NJ
Please contact Barb Garrison @ 856.429.1101 for reservations!

I am keeping my fingers, eyes, and toes crossed that Mother Nature provides lots of sunshine, after today’s snow storm.

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