What causes you to become an INERT INDIVIDUAL and INGREDIENT in your life?

As an author, I notice and I am fascinated by words. Today, a label on antibacterial cleaning product in the hardware store caught my attention. The label read: INERT INGREDIENTS……. 99.98% of the product. However the product did not list what the INERT INGREDIENTS were!

My Green Brain was curious and my Blue Brain began popping ideas about the definition of each word.

The definition of INERT is: lacking the ability or strength to move, motionless, immobile, inanimate, still, stationary, static, or lacking vigor.

The definition of  INGREDIENTS is: foods or substances that are combined to make a particular dish, a component part or element of something,  constituent, component, element, part, piece, bit, strand, portion, unit, feature, aspect, attribute, or contents.

You may encounter or you may be an INERT INDIVIDUAL who is the 99.98% INERT INGREDIENT in your workplace, home, and/or community.

A Yellow Brain INERT INDIVIDUAL becomes static when they do not feel they are in an environment that is respectful, safe, or organized.

A Blue Brain INERT INDIVIDUAL lacks the strength to move if they feel people are not listening to their ideas and do not feel appreciated.

A Green Brain INERT INDIVIDUAL becomes immobilized if there is too much commotion around them and not enough time or space to think about solutions.

An Orange Brain INERT INDIVIDUAL becomes inanimate if their freedom is restricted and they are not allow to exhibit their ingenuity and energy.

Think about what causes your Brain Color personality to transform into an INERT INDIVIDUAL and an INERT INGREDIENT in your professional and personal life.


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