What activity helps you feel “normal” and makes your Brain Color thrive?

My Blue Gardener Brain and Heart was thriving as I dug in the dirt for 1.5 days! I was grateful to feel “normal” by taking good care of myself and three of my gardens! I dug up weeds and made room for my perennials to grow and thrive like the lovely purple Hellebore plant, which means serenity, tranquility and peace, in the photo with some of my vintage gardening tools! 

My Yellow Brain liked organizing my gardening tools and plans for my gardens.
My Blue Brain loved being outside weeding my gardens and pruning my shrubs.
My Green Brain solved the problem of where to transplant several natural grasses that needed new homes in my gardens.
My Orange Brain enjoyed playing outside and digging in the dirt.

I think Br. David Steindl-Rast‘s quote for the day on gratefulness.org is perfect for today’s post:
May we never forget the crippled, wind-beaten trees, how they, too, bud, green and bloom. May we, too, take courage to bloom where we are planted.

      1. How are you blooming where you are planted during the Coronavirus? 
      2. What activity helps you feel “normal” and makes your Brain Color thrive?
      3. What brings you serenity, tranquility and peace? 

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