“Wet Paint” Do Not Touch! – Wise Advice When You Are Upset

Wet Paint Advice

“I’m ‘Wet Paint!’ I need time to dry!” is remarkably wise advice from a dear friend’s mother.  You will find this guidance helpful when you’re in the midst of an internal conflict with yourself or an external conflict with tother Brain Color personalities.

New Book Chapter

I am writing and revision Chapter 11, which is entitled Balance and Compare Your Compatible and Conflicting Brain Colors in my new What Color Is Your Brain When Managing People and Projects. I have included “Wet Paint” in this chapter.

Select the Appropriate Brain Color

In Chapter #3 The Essential Brain Color Concepts, #19 explains that when you are upset, out of sorts, or not feeling like yourself, you can select an appropriate Brain Color: (Yellow, Blue, Green, or Orange) and say:

“I am                                       _________________Wet Paint. Please, give me time to dry.”

Explanation of “Wet Paint”

When individuals are “Wet Paint,” they also are feeling untouchable, sticky, annoyed, and want to be left alone. They need time to slowly dry and recompose themselves. They also can give off unpleasant vibrations that cause others to stay away from them. Just like a park bench that has been painted, it needs to dry to be comfortably enjoyed, and so do individuals. Often, it is easier to use the “Wet Paint” phase instead of having to explain your behavior or feelings when you do not feel like talking.

Final Thought – The Poem

The Wet Paint, which was written by Lois Wyse was a gift my Michelle Bracken, who is my dearest friend and college roommate. Michelle’s mother Elaine Siegel (of blessed memory) always used the expression “Wet Paint” and gave Michelle the poem, which she shared with me. The poem focuses on a personal relationship. However, you also use it for a professional relationship.

Wet Paint
In the park I like so much
There is a bench and over it there is a sign:
Wet Paint
Do not sit
Do not touch
Do not disturb

I was born under that sing
For there are days I cannot function in your life
There are times I am Wet Paint
But do remember this, my love.
When I seem freshly striped:
Wet paint dries faster in the sun,
And you must learn to understand,
That even in the warmth of all you love
That still there are times my paint is slow to dry.

So give me time, and meanwhile
Do not sit.
Do not touch.
Do not disturb.
I need new paint.
I also need the sun.


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