Weed Your Own Garden & Relationships

It’s Spring Clean-up in my yard and gardens. My Yellow Organized Brain has already begun feeding, water and nurturing my trees, shrubs and perennial flower beds.

Amongst all the beauty of new growth are the fast growing weeds, thistle and unwanted grass, which grow everywhere I don not want them to grow. It is amazing how they grow without any special attention.

A “weed: is defined as a plant that grows vigorously, is not valued for where it grows and tends to overgrow or choke out more desirable plants. 

This observation reminded me that taking care of and weeding your own garden is a terrific metaphor for how we all could live our lives.

Just image if everyone took excellent care of and nurtured the relationships in their families, homes, business, communities and countries and removed all the “weeds” in their own gardens (lives) before the “weeds” ruined everything that was healthy and beuatiful in their gardens (life) and someone else’s (life).

How do you handle the “weeds” that grow in your physical or metaphorical garden and relationships?

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