We All Have Projects That We Manage in the Workplace, at Home, and in Our Communities. What Kind of Project Manager Are You?

Project ManagerWe all have projects that we manage in the workplace, at home and in our communities. My Green Brain has been developing custom handouts and my Blue Brain has been creating accompanying slide presentations for the Project Management Institute Central Indiana Chapter Professional Development Day on Friday, October 14th, for approximately 350 project managers in Carmel, Indiana, which is just north of Indianapolis.

My Orange Brain is delighted that I will be presenting a What Color Is Your “Project Manager” Brain?® Luncheon Keynote, a What Color Is Your “Leadership” Brain?® Breakout Session, and a What Color Is Your “Teamwork and Collaboration” Brain?® Breakout Session.

Russell Maynard originally called me about being a speaker for the Professional Development Day. My Green Curious Brain asked Russell how he heard about me.He told me that Reprakash Ram had heard about me or had attended a Chicagoland PMI chapter dinner meeting, symposium, or veterans outreach and mentoring program. Life is wonderfully Orange and serendipitous!

Attendees at the Professional Development Day will discover if they are:
A Yellow Brain Organized Manager, a Blue Brain Flexible Manager, a Green Brain Efficient Manager, or an Orange Resourceful Manager.

The attendees also will discover that their Brain Colors can change when they are in a
“Manager” or “Leadership” role and when they are a “Team members.”

Below are Yellow Brain descriptions of the 3 different customized programs.

What Color Is Your “Project Manager” Brain?® Keynote Program
• Learn the remarkably powerful What Color Is Your Brain?® theory that facilitates effective communication and cooperation.
• Minimize frustration in the numerous aspects of your interpersonal connections as a “Project Manager.”
• Immediately discover what makes you and your colleagues tick, so you can reduce stress and complications and increase harmony in the workplace.
• Discovering and understanding your own strengths and idiosyncrasies, while adapting to other individuals, will no longer be an overwhelming task!

What Color Is Your “Leadership” Brain?® Breakout Session Program
• Your “Leadership” Brain Color may differ from your “Project Manager” Brain Color.
• As a leader, it is critical to build rapport with the people you deal with on a daily basis. It can mean the difference between success or failure of your projects.
• Learn to understand how your colleagues react to a situation when it is presented from a different Brain Color
• Discover Brain Color tools you can use to effectively communicate important messages in a manner the listener will be open to receive.

What Color Is Your “Teamwork” Brain?® Breakout Session Program
• Your “Teamwork” Brain Colors may differ from your “Project Manager” and your “Leadership” Brain Colors.
• Learn how your Brain Colors shade your perceptions and affect the way you work with and interact with your
• Discover how to develop effective teamwork by determining your “Teamwork” Brain Colors and learn to appreciate your colleagues’ diverse Brain Colors, traits, and talents!
• Determining how to create successful teamwork will be “no brainer.”

Think about what kind of Project Manager, Leader, or Team Member you are?

jumping-colorfully-2Attendees at your next meeting or conference will be jumping for joy because you scheduled a beneficial and dynamic What Color Is Your Brain?® Program for them. I will delighted to help you plan your next Bountiful Brain Color Event! Send you email message to: sheila@sheilaglazov.com.

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