Watch My WGN TV Interview Video for A Happy Mother’s Day Celebration!

Are you thrilled or traumatized when someone remarks, “Oh, you are just like your mother.”?

Does the bond between you and your mother create comfort or chaos in your life?

Is being your “Mother’s Mini Me” a blessing or a curse?

The answers to these questions are simple once you understand my Brain Color theory. You will recognize why your joy and anxiety  is aggravated or enhanced by your unique relationship with your mother. Understanding yours and your mother’s Brain Color attributes and abilities will influence your ability to easily resolve conflicts and create a more love and harmony in your lives

Watch the Mother’s Day video from my WGN TV interview! 

  • As a Yellow Brain mother, does your children’s messy room and disorganized work habits drive you nuts?
  • Does your Blue Brain daughter require lots of attention, affection and help with her homework?
  • Are you puzzled by your Green Brain son’s daily retreat to his room and lack of communication?
  • Is your Orange Brain parenting style often referred to as permissive by other family members?

Green Brain and Yellow Brain mothers and children appreciate one another’s sense of responsibility, prudent and intelligence, while Blue Brain and Orange Brain mothers and children value each other’s need for creativity, freedom and fun.

Enjoy your  Happy “Brainbow” Mother’s Day Celebration! You can also have fun taking a Brain Color Quiz 

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  1. George on May 12, 2019 at 8:23 am

    That was a wonderful TV interview.
    You were a most beautiful guest!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the brightly colored brained mommas 🙂

    • sheila on June 5, 2019 at 4:56 pm

      Dearest George,
      I just saw you thoughtful and loving comment. I have to remember to check the comment section. I don’t always get notifications.

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