Want to learn how to motivate yourself when you have a Brain Freeze?

Do you want to learn how to motivate yourself when you have a Brain Freeze? I am not referring to the physical Brain Freeze when you have a cold-stimulus, ice-cream, or trigeminal headache, which scientifically is referred to as sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia.

I am referring to a Brain Freeze when you feel stuck, uninspired, lazy, foggy, etc.  As an author, I would refer to the lack of motivation as “writer’s block.”

On Saturday, I stopped at Tootsie Shoes to see my friend, Sue Briesch, who is a talented gourd artist and the organizer of a beautiful wearable art and art for the home show for the holidays. For the past few months, I have been working on a new business book.

My Blue Brain Personality has always purchased a piece art to motivate my writer’s journey. When I walked into the art showroom, I  was immediately taken by clay birdhouse created by Joey Johnson. Of course, I was drawn to the red-haired lady. She instantly reminded me of my mother and myself. My Animal-Speak book explains that bluebirds represent opportunities for joy, the color of a clear blue sky on a Jewish prayer shawl (tallit), and the Fifth Chakra in throat region means purification, communication, listening, and creative expression. Blue also is my dominate Brain Color and my favorite color. The green leaves reminded me of the ivy on growing on my childhood home and the home I now live in. I love the ivy because it represents friendship. Lastly, the orange roof on the little birdhouse reminded me of the roof of my childhood home that was made of copper and made the rain sound like it was dancing above my bedroom. I knew the little birdhouse was a perfect treasure to sit on my desk, motivate me as I continue my latest writer’s journey, and help me if I have a Brain Freeze or “writer’s block!”

Each Brain Color personality engages in different practices to help them stay motivated. If you are motivated to shift your Brain Color, you can successfully change your behavior, effectively make decisions, resolve conflicts, and reduce the stress in your life. To motivate yourself you need to understand the appropriate Brain Color motivators. Below is a list of Brain Color Motivators from my What Color Is Your Brain?® When Caring for Patients book.

Yellow Brainer Motivators
Doing what is right
Completing a to-do list
Symbolic recognition

Blue Brainer Motivators
Others listening to and valuing my ideas
Opportunities to share my feelings
Not being taken for granted
A pat on the back
Creative opportunities

Green Brainer Motivators
Problem-solving opportunities
Creating a system or procedure
Feedback at the end of a project
Cutting edge resources
Recognition of my solution

Orange Brainer Motivators
Thrill of a new challenge
Financial rewards
Rapid results
Time to have fun

I trust that the Brain Color Motivators will help you stay motivated and avoid a Brain Freeze!

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  1. George on December 12, 2017 at 3:07 pm

    Brain Freeze does bring up the age-old question: Are dogs/cats/rabbits susceptible to Brain Freezes? Yes many of these popular pets enjoy ice cream 🙂

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