Use Brain Colors to Stay Focused, Not Paralyzed by Frustration!

Only 4 more days until the Princess Shayna Musical premier performance!

I am so grateful for my What Color Is Your Brain? knowledge. I have had to use all my Brain Colors in the last few weeks to stay focused and not frustrated. However, I have walked into Meevillain’s Forest of Fear a few times because of my frustration with individuals’ lack of communication and/or commitment.

The following are examples of  how I have used my Brain Colors to stated focused:

My Yellow Brain has kept me on task about contacting the media to schedule interviews or posting information on community calendars.

My Blue Brain has helped to remain flexible when my plans have gone astray or not worked out as I had thought they would.

My Green Brain has reminded me to stay focused and not become overly emotional,which Blue Brainers tend to do.

My Orange Brain has fueled my excitement and cheered me on when I have been disappointed.

It has been my Yellow Brain that has put me in the Forest of Fear. Yellow Brainers need to have a plan; they do not like last minute decisions; and become out of sorts when other people do not communicate details to them or follow through with their responsibilities.

My Brain Colors continually reminded me that others have their perspective, which often is the complete opposite of mine. I do no have to like or condone  their behavior, I only need to understand it. Then I can do what I need to do to stay focused, accomplish my goals and not become paralyzed  by frustration!

Think about how you stay focused and do not become paralyzed by frustration?

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