Unexpected Blossoms

Unexpected Blossoms

I have enjoyed my Christmas Cactus for 7 years. It is a “love gift” that I gave my mother before she passed away. The blossoms are luscious peach, one of my mother’s favorite colors.

My husband dubbed my plant “Mimi,” which is our children’s name for my mother.

My cactus usually blooms in November into December. However, this year it blossomed in October through November, just after my book was released. I felt it was a message that my new career was going to blossom.

The blossoms offered me comfort. One of the challenges of my book adventure, is not sharing the experiences with my mother. I always knew I could count on her loving encouragement and I also miss her creative style, good business judgment, exceptional editing skills and pride in my accomplishments.

To my delight, since “Mimi’s” first blooms, my book adventure has continued to blossom.

Then, two weeks ago, it was apparent that “Mimi” was pregnant with new buds.

Now, I am enjoying the “love”ly comfort of Unexpected Blossoms!

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