Understanding people’s Brain Color Personalities can help you hire the perfect person for the job!

Jennifer C. is the extraordinary Yellow/Green/Blue/Orange book editor. Luckily for me, Jenn is able schedule out-of-the-office editing for my special documents and monthly BrainBuzz Newsletters.

Today, I was preparing a check and writing Jenn a thank you note for her prompt, precise, thoughtful, and generous  editing services. As I began writing my thank you note for her “Brainbow Excellent Author Service”, I naturally wrote to Jenn from each of my Brain Colors:
“My Yellow Brain feels safe and taken care.
My Blue Brain appreciates all your help.
My Green Brain is happy that you find all of my mistakes, so I don’t feel or look stupid.
My Orange Brain know you are an expert editing resource!”

Next time you are contemplating a working agreement with an individual, think about:
1. That individual’s Brain Color Personality
2. That individual’s Brain Color Attributes and Abilities.
3. How his or her Brian Colors conflict or compliment your Brain Colors.
4. Why he or she is the perfect Brain Color person for the job!

Happy Brainday!

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