Trick and Treat Return From Author’s Writing Retreat

I have not written a Blog Post since September 25th and my Blue Brain was missing the weekly blogging and communication with my readers. Organizing and writing my October 2012 BrainBuzz Newsletter helped me ease back into normal work and writing schedule, from my Green Brain focus on my book writing deadline the the Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift Teacher’s Activity Guide.

The October Brainbuzz Newsletter includes articles entitled:

1. A Writer’s Retreat including beautiful Fall and Brain Colors.

2. A Halloween Sliver Sparkle Trick and Treat with a SURPRISE!

3. “There Were Three Women” a favorite poignant poem that is sure to resonate with you.

4. A Speaker’s note:  All though I will be periodically hanging out my “Gone Writing” sign, I will be presenting programs and available to discuss and schedule future What Color Is Your Brain? Programs. I also will attempting to write my normal 3 Blog Posts every week. Please, forgive me if do not stay on schedule. I may become immersed in the “Creative Writing Flow” to meet my deadline.

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Happy Reading!

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