Tips to reduce your stress when making decisions!

Decision Making & Stress

It seems that our lives are changing at a faster pace every day. Today, people are stressed about making critical health care and economic decisions because of the Coronavirus and serious political decisions because of the election.

Making those decision can be a stressful experience depending on your Brain Color personality and other people’s points of view.

Knowing your Brian Colors makes it easier to recognize your values and make decisions. Every day, we confront issues and make decisions that can impact ourselves and others.

Brain Color Decision Making Tips

Each of the Brain Color Personalities handles change from their own sense of stress and comfort:

Yellow Brainers must plan for change. To be less stressed and more comfortable, they need to feel they are in control of the change.

Blue Brainers must feel good about a change. To be less stressed and more comfortable, they need to trust their intuition about the change.

Green Brainers must think about change. To be less stressed and more comfortable, they need to gather and contemplate all the facts before they consider making a change.

Orange Brainers are the “change agents.” To be less stressed and more comfortable, they constantly need to create change. They cannot stand boredom.

Final Thoughts

Roy Disney said, “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”

To make decision making easier, remember your Brain Colors and others’ Points Of View! 


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