Tips to help you recognize and prevent “wilting” in your professional and personal life!

This week, my Yellow Brain Prepared for the Chicagoland winter weather by spraying Wilt Stop on my ornamental trees and bushes in my gardens. As I was spraying, my Blue Creative Brain imaged having a spray that would be effective for helping people recognize and prevent “wilting” in their workplaces and homes.
Three definitions of wilt that can relate to plants and people are:
1. To lose energy, confidence, effectiveness, etc.
2. To become weak and tired
3. To bend over because of not having enough water

There are times when we all feel that we have lost our energy, self-confidence, and effectiveness. At those times, we often experience tiredness and weakness. Metaphorically we look and feel like a flower that is bent over needing water, nourishment, care, and rest. Below are Brain Color Tips that demonstrate how each Brain Color will experience “wilting” and how each can recognize and prevent “wilting” in their professional and personal life.

Yellow Brainers Wilt when they have taken on too many responsibilities and have too many deadlines.
Yellow Brainers can prevent Wilt by planning tasks that can be accomplished within a reasonable amount of time.

Blue Brainers Wilt when they have said “yes” to too many people because they want to be helpful.
Blue Brainers can prevent Wilt by making the time to be self-caring and learning to say “No, that is not a healthy decision for me.” 

Green Brainers Wilt when they must be involved in too many meetings or conversations that interrupt the projects they are working on.
Green Brainers can prevent Wilt by scheduling time to be by themselves and enjoy their solitude and/or personal hobbies.   

Orange Brainers Wilt when they have to plan their day according to other peoples schedules or obligations, which do not include time for entertainment and/or exercise.
Orange Brainers can prevent Wilt by arranging a specific time to have fun and by telling others when they are available and when they are not.

My Blue Brain Personality becomes “wilted” when I have taken on too many professional and personal creative projects. To prevent that “wilted” feeling I read a book, practice yoga, crochet, work in my gardens and/or take a motorcycle ride with my husband!

Think about what causes you to wilt and what you can do to recognize and prevent the wilt in your personal and/or professional life! 

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