Tips to help you not be annoyed by other’s Brain Color Behavior because of the Coronoavirus!

Is your Brain Color in a dither or a downer because of Coronavirus?

How are you responding to the Coronavirus restrictions? Each Brain Color Personality is reacting differently to this pandemic. Some people are in a panic and others remain calm.

Yellow Brainers are experiencing a sense of panic because they need to feel in control and they are not because of the virus. To calm themselves they are making meal plans, stocking up on food (sometimes hoarding), and household supplies, wherever possible. Try not to be annoyed by their out of control feelings!

Blue Brainers are staying in touch with their family and friends. I am a Blue Brainer. I need to make sure everyone I love is safe and healthy. I have been are calling people and sending texts and emails to check on my loved one. Try not to be annoyed by their continuous check-ins to see how you are!

Green Brainer are remaining calm. They do not panic. They are gathering all their resources to stay informed. They reading everything that is available in the newspapers or their tablets and phones, and listening to everything on TV or the radio. Try not to be annoyed by their “I’m am not worried” attitude!

Orange Brainers will look at closure of schools and business as an opportunity to have some fun. If they cannot work from home or go into their workplace they will enjoy the time off. However, they must be careful not to take risks that could create a health problem for themselves and others. Try not to be annoyed by their cavalier attitude! 

Do your best to be patient and not annoyed with other’s Brain Color Behavior, unless it is dangerous. Remember everyone is under some type of stress because of the Coronavirus!   

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