Tips for effectively communicating and letting your health care professionals know exactly what you want!

When you are a patient, do ever feel like your health care professional speaks to you like a prison warden, a doting grandparent, science teacher, or summer camp counselor? Do you become frustrated and/or upset when your health care professionals do not understand what you want? The answer is simple. Your health care professional probably does not know and/or understand your Patient Brain Color Personality. Remember that Brain Color personality theory simplifies the complex nature of your attributes and abilities, which will facilitate effective communication and cooperation and minimize stress and frustration with your health care professionals.

Today, health care is complicated and, sometimes, can feel impersonal. The following information is excerpted from my What Color Is Your Brain?®: When Caring for Patients book and will demonstrate how you can recognize what you want to communicate to your health care professionals. The following tips will also help you connect and effectively interact with your health care professionals to build effective relationships and have your needs met needs according to your Brain Colors. The authentic connection between you and your healthcare professional will help build a trustworthy relationship with your health care professional!

Yellow Brain Patients want their Health Care Professionals to:

  1. Communicate clear instructions
  2. Provide a health care plan
  3. Explain details about their care
  4. Offer realistic expectations
  5. Respect their decisions 

Blue Brain Patients want their Health Care Professionals to:

  1. Offer encouragement
  2. Be an attentive listener
  3. Validate their feelings
  4. Be quiet and let them talk about their feelings
  5. Not be afraid of their emotions

 Green Brain Patients want their Health Care Professionals to:

  1. Not throw emotions into situation
  2. Understand that they can be very sensitive
  3. Not get frustrated when they don’t give an immediate answer. They need time to process
  4. Ask “Yes” or “No” precise questions
  5. Provide explanations about medical procedures and listen to their patient perspective

Orange Brain Patients want their Health Care Professionals to:

  1. Respect their feelings about losing their sense of freedom
  2. Not come across as “bossy”
  3. Help them understand the end result
  4. Explain consequences
  5. Keep conversations easy going

It is crucial effectively communicate with your health care professional and let them know exactly what you want according to your Patient Brain Color Personality!

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