Think Before You Speak About My Dental Hygiene!

How often do you replace your tooth brush? Does this question seem too personal or ridiculous? To me it was both and my Blue Communicative Brain could not resist relating this dental hygiene story.

Last week, I standing at the check-out counter at my local drug store paying for a new tooth brush. I have known Karen, the woman who was helping me, for many years. As I was giving her my credit card, I told her, “I had my old tooth brush for several years” and had to purchase this new one.”

The Yellow Brain woman standing next to me interrupted our conversation and said, “Don’t you know you should not keep a tooth brush for over a year. You should replace it every time you go to the dentist!”

Karen and I looked at each other with surprised facial expressions. We were flabbergasted by the unknown woman’s remark. My Green Brain immediately knew she did not know what she was talking about. My Yellow Brain could refrain from correcting her by saying, “I am purchasing a new battery operated tooth brush and I put a new replacement brush on my tooth every three months after visiting my dentist to have my teeth cleaned.”

The Yellow Brain woman was shocked by my response and walked away from the counter, looking rather embarrassed. Karen and I looked at each other and our Orange Brains laughed.

I knew this experience would make a perfect story about Yellow Brain individuals who have to tell you that they are correct, even when they do not know anything you or your dental hygiene!

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