“The Story of You” – An Exciting New Book to Help You Make Your Memories Last A Lifetime!

In my blog post, yesterday, I mention that readers would be learning more about an exciting new book that will help people capture their personal stories and family history and make their memories last a life time!

Recently, Author John Bond published his second book that is entitled The Story of You: A Guide for Writing Your Personal Stories and Family History John’s book is an easy to read and applicable resource that will help you capture, organize, and write the stories you have been putting off because you felt the task was overwhelming. Wait no longer. This encouraging and educational step-by-step guide will provide you with expert tools and tips to discover hidden treasures …to discover hidden treasures, as you explore “the story of you”!

It is an honor to have John Bond as today’s guest blogger. In my personal life, I am  blessed and privileged to call John my friend. In my professional life, John is the Chief Content Officer, SLACK Health Care Books and Journals and is the person responsible for publishing my books!

Now, it is my pleasure to introduce author John Bond…

“Sheila Glazov and I met 10 years ago. It was quintessential serendipity. We were meant to be friends and it just took us until 2005 to find each other. I have enjoyed being connected with her book and becoming part of her story. What Color is Your Brain? has developed a huge following of devotees who have made yellow, blue, green, and orange as part of their vocabulary and therefore part of their own story.

I’ve always been interested in learning the stories of people. Mark Twain said, “There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility.” I like to learn about people’s past as an insight into who they are.

I recently wrote a book, The Story of You: A Guide for Writing Your Personal Stories and Family History In the book, I talk about the value of writing down your story, or that of your family. These stories add flesh to the bare bones of the facts of your life. Who taught you to ride a bike? Where did you go on your first date? What was greatest triumph? Tragedy? What was dinner like at your house; did everyone sit at the same spot; was it a raucous affair or more serious? What was the best Halloween custom you ever wore? These stories tell people who you are. They are you.

My book details, step-by-step, how to get started on capturing these stories, whether for yourself or your parents, or your children.

The book is divided into eight sections (which contain 20 chapters). The sections are titled:
Why Write?
How to Get Started
What to Write About
How to Create the Stories
How to Finish the Stories
What Tools Are Needed and What Can Be Done With Them
Gaining Inspiration
What Now?

As an extra bonus there are two appendices “219 Questions to Prime the Pump” and “21 Ways to Stir Up Memories” that help generate ideas for you to write about.

Each chapter ends with a summary of the key points, or “If You Were Taking Notes.” Also included are quotes to ruminate on, as an example, “The only thing you take with you when you are gone is what you leave behind.” (John Allston.)

Everyone has these Classic Stories that you may have retold many times; that need to be recorded. If your great, great grandmother or father had written down what their childhood was like, would you read? Well of course, and therefore it is incumbent upon us to do the same.

John bond photoMy main credentials to write this book are my 25 years in publishing and having authored a previous book entitled You Can Write and Publish A Book: Essential Information on How to Get Your Book Published. I do feel, however, that the more important qualities that qualify me to write about this topic are my being a son, husband, father, friend, and a person that loves to hear and tell a good story. But in the end, these are universal traits, and you have them too.

I hope you will check out my book on my website or at Amazon or local retailers. Sheila said to also let you know that I will be happy to autograph copies of my book for you. Please send an email to jbondnj@gmail.com to handle all the ordering details. I’d also love to read your stories, just send an email to jbondnj@gmail.com or visit the contact page on my website.

My story (I am fortunate to say) is now entwined with Sheila (and Princess Shayna as well).  And now our stories are as well.”

Now that you are energize and encouraged to write your own personal stories or family history, I am sure all your Brain Colors will enjoy the process.
Your Yellow Brain will enjoy planning and organizing all your pictures and the information you have collected.
Your Blue Brain will love sharing all you treasures with family members and friends.
Your Green Brain will like researching and discovering facts about you ancestors.
Your Orange Brain will have fun writing the Story of You!

However, if you are not able to write your personal story, or family history,or a book at this time,  please share this valuable information and the grand reviews about John and his books with someone who can. They will thank you for your Blue Brain Thoughtfulness!

Happy Reading and Writing “The Story of You”!

book lifting weightsBoost your Brain Power with more links in the right-hand side column of this page! Remember that 10% of the royalties from the sale of all my books is allocated to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).

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