The Secret Answer For Saying “NO!”

Depending on your Brain Color Personalty, saying “No” might be more difficult for you than other Brain Colors.

Yellow Brain people do want to be impolite by saying “No”. Doing the right thing is a priority for them.

Blue Brain people want to be helpful and not hurt another person’s feelings by saying “No”.  They love harmony and avoid conflict.

Green Brain people are purposeful about whom they so “No” to. They are selective about their relationships.

Orange Brain people often do not stop to think about saying “No”. Their attitude is “I can do it all”, unless it curtails their freedom or fun.

As a Blue Brain woman, wife, mother, teacher and business owner, I always prefer to be Helpful. However,  life experiences have taught me to be more Green and Selective about saying “Yes” when someone has made a request of me and/or my time. Saying “NO” became easier when I entered my 6th decade. I learned to take better care of myself and and make healthier decisions.

I quickly discovered the Perfect and Precise Green Brain Question to ask myself… “Is what I am doing or what someone is asking, a healthy decision for me?”

I found it easier to answer the questions and perfected an appropriate reply that has been working for over 7 years. My response is:
“Thank you for asking. However, that is not a healthy decision for me.”

People, usually are surprised by my reply and then say, “Wow, I never thought about it that way.” or “I’ll have to write that one down.”  I have never had anyone attempt to change my decision.

Next time you feel that saying “NO” is difficult, ask yourself … “Is this a Healthy Decision for me?

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