The Power of “Power”

The Power of Hurricane Sandy brought many definitions of the word “Power” to my Green Brain. The Merriam Webster online dictionary gave 6 definitions for the word  “Power” .

1. (a) Ability to act or produce an effect  (b) Legal or official authority, capacity, or right
2. Possession of control, authority, or influence over others
3. Physical might
4. The number of times as indicated by an exponent that a number occurs as a factor in a product
5. A source or means of supplying energy; especially: electricity

Definition #1 and #3 … The  “Power” of Mother Nature has be historically and remarkably devastating.

Definition #2 … The desire to keep control or gain political  “Power” has unexpectedly curtailed the 2012 Presidential, State and Local election campaigns and might modify the voting process and election outcomes, next Tuesday.

Definition #5 …  It has been reported that 8.1 millions people on the East Coast are without “Power”.

Now that the storm surge has passed all my Brain Colors were able process this disaster.

My Green Brain has been gathering facts about the Sandy through the newspaper, TV and radio.

My Blue Brain was very concerned and kept checking, when possible, with family members and friend to make sure they wear OK. I am most grateful that they all are safe!!

My Yellow Brain was impressed with all the preparation and planning for the hurricane.

My Orange Brain was not surprised by the people who decided to stayed in their homes,  not heed the warnings to evacuate and took the risk of riding out the storm.

We are all grateful the “Power” of Hurricane Sandy was not as devastating as it could have been because of the Green Technology that predicted the storm and the Yellow Organized Planning that saved so many lives. Now, Blue Cooperation will be need to help people, communities and business rebuild with Orange Brain resourcefulness!

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