The Joy of Planting Two Colossal Pollinator Gardens!

UFOs Landed In Our Backyard

We had to remove 2 dead trees from our backyard. For 2 years we could not decide what to plant in the 2 circular spaces where the Blue Spruce Fat Alberts had graced our back yard. The empty circles looked like 2 UFOs  had landed in our backyard.


One day, I was chatting with the receptionist at my physicians office.  She also is a gardener and loves feeding and watching the birds in her yard, as I do in mine. We were discussing how much we enjoyed our gardens and our birds and she told me about planting a pollinator garden with plants from Prairie Moon Nursery

A Pollinator Garden

I learned that a  pollinator garden attracts bees, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds or other beneficial creatures that transfer pollen from flower to flower, or in some cases, within flowers. “Planting a pollinator garden is more important than you may realize, and even a small garden can make a huge difference as pollinators have suffered greatly from loss of habitat, misuse of chemicals, the spread of invasive plant, and animal species. Many pollinators have disappeared and others are endangered. You can learn more at: What Is A Pollinator Garden – Types Of Plants That Attract Pollinators (”

Planting Our Polinator Garden

Over Labor Day weekend my husband Jordan and I planted The Colossal Pollinator Garden Kit | Prairie Moon Nursery  Our landscaper had enlarged the 2 circles into 2 rectangular gardens. On Saturday, Jordan, our son Noah, and grandson Jonah put up the fencing to keep out all the critters that live in the fen (wetland) behind backyard. On Sunday, Jordan and I prepared the soil with 12 bags of organic dirt and 4 bags of mushroom compost. On Monday, I planted 100 plants; 50 in one garden and 50 in the other.

A Thoughtful Unbrella

Monday afternoon became sunny and very hot. Jordan to the recue! My Hero! Jordan carried the outdoor umbrella and umbrella stand down from the 2nd floor deck to the gardensm, set it up in one garden and then moved it to other  garden so I would not be uncomfortable while laying the plants according to the design plan at the top of this post and then planting all 100 plants in both gardens. Jordan also help me with the spacing. His Logical/Spacial Green Brain was most helpful to me.


Closing Thought

We each can do our part and joyfull help the habitate around our homes and encourage the endangered pollinators to safely live and thrive in our gardens that we can provide for them! Enjoy!


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