The Best Ever Chicken Soup – “Jewish Penicillin”!

Sick Husband

Today, my husband Jordan was diagonsed with Strep Throat. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic. I know he will be feeling better in 24-48 hours.

Skip’s Chicken Soup Recipe

However, I know the Chicken Soup with Dill recipe that was given to me by my friend Skip Weiss’, who is the publisher of award-winning Chicago Health and Caregiving magazines, will enhance his recovery.

“Jewish Penecillian”

For over 50 years, I had always followed my mother’s and/or my mother-in-law’s “Jewish Penicillian” recipes. However, when our family tasked Skip’s chicken soup recipe, it became a family favorite as the Best Ever Chicken Soup “Jewish Penicillian” for holiday and family dinners!

Taste and Texture

The taste is delicious with a hint of sweetness because of the combination of  dill, parsnips, and carrots. The texture is hardy and comforting because the broth and vegetables are pureed and become a lovely pumpkin color. Our grandchildern prefer a traditional chicken soup with matzah balls, so I do not blend all the broth and vegetable when they are dining with us.

Soup Ingredients










How To Prepare Skip’s Soup












Closing Thoughts

Enjoy this healthy Best Ever Chicken Soup “Jewish Penicillin” that will fill your body with nutrition and your home with a delicious aroma!


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