The 10 Commandments of Business

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Do you ever feel like Charlton Heston playing Moses and parting the Red Sea in the epic 1956 epic film The Tine Commandments?

Many business owners are feeling other types of epic challenges of reopening and adjusting to new ways of conducting their business during the Coronavirus.

To help those business owners, I have written today’s post from my family business memoir, No Bunk, Just BS (Business Sense): 50 Timely and Timeless Truths Business School Cannot Teach You! 

This post is an excerpt from Chapter 1–Building a Thriving Business Truths, which is Truth #1  Follow Imperative Instructions to Build your Business

10 Commandments

The 10 Commandments of Business

  1. Handle the hardest job first each day.
  2. Do not be afraid of criticism—criticize yourself often.
  3. Be glad and rejoice in other fellow’s success and study his methods.
  4. Do not be misled by dislikes. Acid ruins the finest fabrics; however, both may be used to advantage.
  5. Be enthusiastic, it is contagious.
  6. Do not have the notion that success means money-making.
  7. Be fair, and do at least one decent act every day.
  8. Honor the chief. There must be a head of everything.
  9. Have confidence in yourself, believe you can do it.
  10. Harmonize your work. Let the sunshine radiate and penetrate your relationships.

Final Truth

Follow the 10 Commandments imperative instructions everyday to build and maintain a successful business!

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